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Herniated spine - this is not a sentence

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The rhythm of modern life has increased just in times, etc.Even comparing these figures in the context of 10-20 years, in terms of history - just negligible. This certainly contributed to further promote scientific and technological progress, which allows to introduce new technologies and improve efficiency, optimize human labor. On the one hand the word "dynamic" imagine constantly bearschegosya headlong person who does not know how to break between tasks, but at the same time, the presence of advanced information processing technology and communication, everything can be solved without even getting up from a chair in a comfortable office. I remember well how parents in childhood and adolescence is constantly poked his nose in a book with instruction like "If Mr.e'll learn, you'll work with your hands, not his head. "That is a hard physical labor, parents know as anyone else, because their childhood, adolescence and maturity unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, given the current trend) passed without high technology.

Everything seems to be natural - performed pECOMMENDATIONS parents sit in a warm office and once again not to lift weights, but that is just what the problem or even a threat. The fact that a sedentary lifestyle, which was actually the norm for the modern man, is a direct threat to his health as a whole, and separately for each system. Especially sharply this sieveuatsiya affects the state and the backbone - one of the most important organs of the nervous and skeletal systems of the body. As a result of sedentary work and poor nutrition, gradually atrophy the muscles that support the spine, as well as developing the degenerative phenomena in the cartilage intervertebral disc, resulting in the final Iton to their rupture, known as intervertebral hernia.

Rehabilitation after hernia

This condition is accompanied by violation of the mobility and sharp pains, which although removed in most cases, conservative methods, but requires long-term rehabilitation. Moreover, the risk of recurrence is also very high,and therefore prevention and care will have to be for the rest of life. However, not all so depressing, as it seems at first glance. Yes, it can and will have to give up some hobbies, too physically active, but properly organized rehabilitation, and regular preventive maintenance, this problem can currently no longerresemble, at least in the active form. One of the methods commonly practiced in our country for rehabilitation after hernia is a spinal traction. It is used in both the public and private medical practice, as well as in nursing homes, for example, on the basis of the complex « birch grove » in the city of Vinnytsia region Khmelnikand. For more information on this procedure can be found on the official website of the resort in the relevant section -
. In Ukraine and in the CIS this resort is widely known due to the rehabilitation of patients with problems of the musculoskeletal system.

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