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Features of the implants

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Today it is very difficult to find a man who has only his own teeth. Each of usmay face problems directly to the mouth. And since it is the teeth in an adult is already not grow, and also do not recover, then expect miracles from nature does not make sense. Today emit a lot of methods that could vyreshit problems that are connected with the lack of a tooth or teeth, but one of the present-dayYemen techniques is to restore the tooth row - this is the implantation of it and then we'll talk in more detail.

The main advantages of dental implants

Using dental, we are able to restore the teeth at the same time not disturbing the neighbors. Install artificial root you can dEven in a very difficult position. Artificial implants can help a lot to reduce the burden is on the teeth, which are in the neighborhood. By the way, the implants are much longer than any bridges. Some manufacturers even guarantee life-long use of its products. Implantation allows fully recover directlychewing function, facility, unlike other methods, during which tolerate restrictions on the intensity of use. Implanted implant that has a crown looks like a natural tooth, while not delivering any discomfort owner completely.

How to choose a method of implantation?

Implanttion is of two types:

  1. one stage;
  2. Two-stage.

One stage variant is used when it is necessary the introduction of the implant immediately after tooth extraction. On fixed implant usually wear a temporary crown, which then, of course, that the constant change in line   Mary its manufacture. The two-stage method is gradual, that is, first introduced the implant begins, and after he had been accustomed, begin installing crown. This method takes a lot longer, because the artificial root is implanted 3-6 months, but sometimes it is the only application of the joint venturepersons vyreshit patient's problems directly to restore a dentition for some contraindications or disease.

Many patients today have appreciated the main advantages of dental implants. It is clear that it is essential to restore a beautiful smile. These teeth are almost no differI'm from the natural: it concerns the appearance and, of course, functionality. The main disadvantage of this procedure - it is quite a considerable cost. Even the use of domestic materials it makes it possible to make it accessible to a lot more. But if you take into account that in the future it will not have anything at all to spend money on nLomba and new dentures, then, perhaps, is the courage?

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