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Competencies, which pay attention to foreign employers

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From the labor staff to the success of the company. Therefore, each plant manager wants to gain command of workers who   most effectively and efficiently perform their duties. Is no exception, poskolkugorod always open to new investors and technology.

Experience or education?

Monitoring of processes of employment in different countries have shown that employers first of all pay attention to the personal and professional skills of future employees. In fact, and the same time the quality and type of education leaders interested in somewhat less. It is clear that paid job is important , yakimvuzomvidanith degree. And for larger companies more important is the combination of professional abilities and certain personality traits.


This is one of the most important qualities that each applicant must have a job. The candidate should be able to make their own decisions and take responsibility forthe results of their activities. Any official working in Sweden, France, England, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and other countries with stable economies - is not just a vacancy with good working conditions. Executives of large companies are carefully selected foreign candidates is paying great attention to the responsibility of the applicant. Rabotnik must promptly and efficiently perform the task, creating a positive image of the company.

The knowledge of a foreign language

For the official work abroad this quality is a must. Even in the best specialists in demand professions without proficiency no chance of legal employment. Only Mr.izko skilled work in Israel, Poland, Russia granted to foreigners who do not know any foreign language. Therefore, those who are planning a career development abroad should take special language courses.


This feature is valuable not only to employers. Migrants who do notafraid of a lot of work obviously be able to find a good place to work. And when you consider that working in Belgium, Sweden, England and other European countries paid at a high level, the fans run with perseverance have the opportunity to earn a lot of money.

The knowledge of computer technology

field of informationtechnologies constantly evolving, to facilitate people's work. All enterprises compulsory part of the organization of work is a computer hardware and software. Therefore, the base of PC nowadays is one of the basic requirements of most employers.

The willingness to constantly learn

Large international companies are interested in the progressive workers, that are easy to learn new information and seek to develop professionally. Sometimes it happens that the candidate has enough professional skills and knowledge. But for the internship applicant can demonstrate outstanding ability.

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