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Several errors during lens wear

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It is often a disease that close tiesannoe with native lens is called keratitis. It provides an inflammation of the cornea itself, that is the outer layer of the eye. It usually occur because of the small and general irritation, redness and light sensitivity is increased. Every year in Europe by physicians treat more than 60 yew. patients who endure diagnosis « keratit & raquo ;. In most cases, this disease is directly related to wearing contact lenses. High-quality contact lenses can be purchased at the store.

Sleeping with contact lenses

If you like to sleep in lenses, remember that this is a horrible feeling. The very beginning istonchatsya lens and eye bolyat and gradually begin to bake. Unfortunately, sleep is a lens, of course, increases the risk of inflammation in the eyes several times. Speaking in an ideal, it is possible to find such lenses are designed to sleep. Ophthalmologists often argue that the cornea will be much better if you do not sleep in them, this is true even of the BPEto time, as the day.

Do not despise the term lens wear

It is often such that a month has passed since the opening of the box directly to the lens, but you still continue to wear these lenses. Remember, be sure to change the lens in time. Even if for the last month you will not put on every day. Lenses themeyut such property as to wear. Their material begins to absorb it tears, proteins, a variety of substances, that is all that begins to secrete lacrimal gland.

Do not try to change the liquid lenses

Sometimes people several times a day linuyutsya poured out of the case is a liquid lens and pourfresh. They may even week to put the lens in the same « water & raquo ;. Understand that this is done in any case can not, because of this fluid creates a good environment for bacteria to multiply. As for the container, it must be changed every six months. In principle, this is not a problem, because every produzvoditel solution directly to the lens usually invest in the package 1 piece.

Do not clean the lens with water!

Some people manage to wash the lens to the eye under the   water tap. Remember that this can not be done at all! Whatever the water was not clean - it will never be sterile.

Love Kupatsya in lenses?

Water and the lenses are absolutely incompatible things. They are not something that I do not recommend to swim, but they can not do it. By the way, this applies not only to bodies of water such as open! Bath or shower is also impossible to accept. First you need to remove the lens. In the bath, too, can not go to the contact lens. Even mitsellyarnoy water necessary to wash when you pulled out of the lens.

So, now you have learned a few major mistakes that often pripuskayut those people who wear lenses. If you know these, I recommend you consult this will not do, because it affects the health of the eye. See the environment and to enjoy this worlds means a lot of things.

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