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You have hair fall out?

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When you visit the doctor and ask him about the loss of hair, then he or she will becomeit you questions about your health and the health of the entire family directly (so-called history of the disease), or force you to check your scalp. Sometimes the doctor can even take hair samples for a test to determine the medical cause that can cause your hair loss.

hair fall – replace your medicine!

If the medication causes hair loss, ask your doctor whether you can take another drug. If the hair loss is directly related to endocrine conditions such as diabetes or diseases, such as thyroid, here the right medication and the control of the main disease is very important to reduce or completely beforeavert the loss of hair.

Look at your food!

If your doctor recommends a product like minoxidil that can speed up hair growth, it is also useful. In that case, as nutrient deficiency   cause hair loss, the doctor may refer you to a dietitian or JohnOn the power to the expert.

Chemotherapy – the enemy of your hair!

Hair loss may be the first sign that a person looks sick, so it can feel scary. Teens who have cancer and lose their hair because of chemotherapy (especially girls) can go through difficult times.

It can help to feel like you have some control over their appearance when you lose hair. Upon receipt of chemotherapy, some people want to cut their hair, then they shave their heads before hair loss. Some even take the hair cut and go in a wig. Many options cant help hide hair loss - such as wearing wigs, hats and baseball caps. For most teenagers, who are losing their hair, the hair does not return - including chemotherapy.

How to care for your hair?

Hair care involves a balanced and healthy diet is important for the set of nrichin, and it really benefits your hair. A wide selection of cosmetics for hair health can be found in the online store .

If you lose your hair, some doctors may recommend that it be used baby shampoo, shampooing that is not more than 1 time per day, and soft foamI. Do not rub your hair very vigorously with a towel. Many experts suggest you consider the hair the option to completely remove the hair dryer. If you can not live without a hair dryer, try to use it at low temperature.

Your hair are two styles when they are dry or wet. The hair is wet, theymay result in the stretching and tearing. And try to avoid teasing your hair, which can cause damage. Finally, always be careful in the use of chemicals - such as rectifiers or paint on the hair.

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