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What is granite?

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Porcelain is a new material that is rapidly gaining popularity in the construction. Has he prevoskhodnymi performance. Porcelain tiles can withstand extreme cold and heat of the equator. For it is not afraid of different mechanical damage and the effects of chemical active substances, and thus it is durable and environmentally friendly. please visit

For the first Gresvye appeared in Italy around the seventies of the last century. Porcelain successfully combines the properties of 3 materials, but also greatly exceeded them.

Today, you can find quite a large number of man-made materials that can mimic natural. But granite is different, he themnot just their appearance (like marble or granite), it looks like the rocks in their composition. When the   produced stoneware clay, feldspar, kaolin, metal oxides and fall under the influence of high pressures and temperatures, and whereby the interaction begins at the molecular level. These components are sintered, wherein the imageyn single mass to form a slab. It may likewise passes formation and igneous rocks. But only if in order to form a layer of granite nature need a few million years, the sintering is sufficient to create several hours. Result — beautiful, durable and relatively inexpensive material with unlimitedFields of application: from the production plants, and airports to the bathrooms and offices.

Application porcelain

Ourselves indicative properties porcelain safely call it a variety of texture and strength, as well as colors. It is through this granite is widely usede in the construction and finishing works.

Where can apply porcelain today?

In the private apartments or houses. Depending directly on the type, this tile can be   used as sex or wall covering in almost every area of ??your home: the bedroom, nursery, hallways,kitchen, bathroom. Facing of granite can make not only your room elegant and cozy, but also greatly facilitate the daily care, because it eliminates the   the perennial problems - street dust and kitchen spots.

Of all types of ceramic granite is considered the most suitable material for lining the stairs. Matovth slip coating can guarantee the safety of inhabitants of the house, as well as their guests.

Do not use less than granite and decoration and construction of office space. Lining made from it will look more respectable and effectively than marble or granite. And also I would like to note that it costs a lot lessAnd thus is more durable and less subject to external factors. This material is used for a variety of external works (access roads, yards, borders).

Large porcelain durability may allow its use even in supermarkets, train stations, cinemas, subway stations, aeroports, sports facilities.

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