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recently read an article about the treatment of bee products. I s itainteresovalo. It is said that the use of pollen or pollen is very good effect on sexual activity, helps to recover. I would like to.

What is the pollen, and some useful vitamins it contains?

Bee products unique in their biological value. They are rich in biologicallyactive compounds from all known natural products. Pollen - is food for the larvae of bees, and together - a strong biological stimulant that has beneficial effects on the human body directly. It is known that pollen protein complex consists of 22 amino acids, including many essential. Bee bread, so also called neRSU, plays an important role in the life of bees. It is essential for the development of normal physiological processes, an essential source of amino acids and vitamins. Pollen 23 also contains trace elements, in the absence of which the human body does not occur any physiological process. Many in it and vitamins, particularly provitamin A. egmeasures, pollen and bee bread its twenty times more than in carrots. Recently, it has been found in pollen vitamin H (biotin), which promotes the growth therein vitamins B, C, D, E. It is proved that the vitamin content of pollen harvested spring is significantly higher than in the summer. All of them are balanced and organically linked IUI am waiting for them, which explains its high curative effect.

How pollen affects the human body?

In fact, pollen as a biological stimulant, good effect on the body, rejuvenates, but it is not the sex hormones, as some believe, and substances that increase vitality, and therefore,and stimulate sexual activity. Furthermore, pollen regulates bowel function helps in the treatment of hypertension accelerates recovery at any diseases.

Pollen with powdered sugar helps to improve the appetite, strengthens the nervous system. The dose for adults - one tablespoon, and for childrenup to twelve years - one teaspoon per day. The course of treatment - 20-30 days with a break of three or four weeks. Continuing to use the pollen can not be, because it leads to a dilution of the blood.

Medicinal properties of pollen

Depending on the plant directly from what is collected pollen, distinguish it from healingvoystva. So, the pollen of Acacia helps with diseases of the stomach, is a sedative. With chestnut - it contributes to what happens in a normal state of venous and arterial blood circulation, beneficial effect on the liver and prostate. From fruit trees - prevents heart attack, it acts as a tonic. DustCA from linden flowers - the best sedative for people suffering from insomnia. With buckwheat - strengthens blood vessels, helps with cardiac arrhythmias. With milkweed - treat kidney and bladder, liver.

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