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The most popular types of footwear for women?

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Features boots

Boots for women who usually have a knee-length is a seasonal shoes for cool weather. First Ocherdv, it is very comfortable, and the heel - more than sustainable. Usually skirt, straight cut that ends a few centimeters above the boots themselves, and in the case where it is in itself wide, then this skirt starts to close completely as much as a foot to the top of the boot. can be found at


Base performance boots

This beautiful shoes for women, who usually made s heels or without him, and their height to the ankle. This shoe combines the convenience and comfort, but if you're not skinny ankles and you like the skirt or breeches, which are below the knee, then the shoes are not recommended butSit in general. For cold weather well suited higher boots that resemble boots. As the warmer weather, the lower will be your way, because they are more practical than shoes. Ankle Boots at first glance seem difficult shoes because these shoes are not usually combined with each garment. To them isFirst of all, you need to choose some very good kit compared with the advantages and disadvantages.

Features shoes

Boots, which often can be found directly on the lace and with a small heel is more than a major part of every woman's wardrobe. Such women OCUBL often wear with skirts that are below the knee, berets or scarves that are made using large knitting. These shoes will melt uplifting and girls particular emphasis in their outfits. But it is important to remember that these shoes are a lot of eggs increases, so they do not need to wear a short breeches or trousers. These better suited brYuki wide cut of wool, or rather narrow jeans.

Features shoe lace

Shoes that are closed mold - it oxfords and open - brogues. They belong to a relatively low shoes, which have a small heel. They are usually popular in the simple life. These shoes are more than comfortableand can be used as a classic version - with a wide cut trousers, a jacket, and it is possible even with a skirt, for example, in the fold, a small button-down blouse. Shoes have good appearance and with long skirts, for example, complex cut. Shoes come in different forms.

What is ballet flats

Ballerinas are t-Dance shoes and have a good and a plastic sole having a thickness of about 5 mm, the backdrop of the hard nature, just a soft toe and the edge. This shoe brings comfort while in motion. Today you can find many different models of these shoes, but the most pleasant charm belongs Ballet is textiles.

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