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Any house or apartment begins with . The main characteristic of thone of quality and convenience in every apartment is directly dependent on what separated all the space in the room.

Today, manufacturers offer a pretty extensive selection of different types and kinds of doors, domestic and imported, wood, glass, plastic, aluminum. This article will presents tTavlya small, but the most important classification of doors for you to have original imagination zhedveri what you want to buy in your house or apartment.

Classification doors Materials:

Wood . They have undeniable advantages. There are a great variety of drawingss, as well as the texture of wooden doors that lead to the door of the main part of the interior. In this case, a simple door has the ability to radically transform the interior - namely, to make it a classic and ultra-modern. Takzhestoit notice that the tree is an environmentally friendly product and all products from it are goodquality.

Aluminium . These doors are known for their resistance to all aggressive environments, and it allows you to extend the terms of its use. Moreover, all the aluminum fireproof door noise immunity and they have high insulating properties. That is why these doors are very competitive on the market doors totoday's time.

Steel . This is the most reliable door to protect any home. Modern doors made of steel have significant advantages and a new design approach in their manufacture. Many steel doors can obrabatyvatsyaantikorrom and used in their manufacture steel high thickness. This steel door is excellentSound insulation and protection from foreign odors and cold, if it is, of course, a professional manufacturer of door. And that is much important - this door does not light up.

glass . Such doors tend to expand the space of the room, so it got a great vocation. When Delta TThe temperature they will always have a nice porch. Since the glass is quite easy to cut, it allows you to create any pattern glass which can match the interior of the house. All glass doors allow you to make the house more comfortable and lighter.

Veneer . Veneers can be a thin slice of a tree. Veneer onkleivayut different door panels. These wooden doors are much cheaper although they workmanship.

Laminated . They represent gladenkie doors with laminate glued to them, painted in different colors or decoration.

masked . They are laminated, but tWhich door is cheaper and less wear-resistant coating.

Mezonitovye . These doors are made of fine wood fractions. They are long lasting and durable. Finishing the front surface of the door is made of laminate or veneer valuable species of timber it.

Plastic . Trim the required stretch in several layers of plastic, or they are painted. Their feature and advantage of incredible lightness, Unlimited their colors and of course the unique design.

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