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Proper oral care

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Healthy and beautiful teeth are the result of good nutrition and healthyOn lifestyle and compulsory nursing care directly to the oral. Familiar terrific recommendations - brush your teeth, rinse your mouth after a meal, eat as many vegetables and fruits, and drink plenty of roughage, which must be well chewed. The need to brush your teeth do not supersede any sovremtary achievements dentistry. The goal of the physician and parents - to form a responsible attitude towards the child's teeth and their health in general - is an element of human culture, as well as a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, this prevention of various diseases which can trap future children. More information can be found by visiting the clinic Klarimed.

For teeth have 3 main negative factor:


  1. plaque, which is a lot of harmful bacteria that destroy tooth enamel;
  2. excessive consumption of sugar, sweets and carbohydrates, which are the most fertile ground for successful microbial;
  3. the lack of fluoride. Unfortunately, water fluoridation is not performed. More fluoride is found in seafood, flour, meal (rice, oatmeal, buckwheat), vegetables (squash, potatoes, onions), fruit (apples, grapefruit), tea (green and black), walnuts, meat, liver and dairy products.

We are With referenceemsya to parents with advice that is not necessary from an early age to give children a lot of sweets between meals and at bedtime, and do not terminate sweet breakfast, lunch, dinner. If you eat sweets - you must be sure to rinse your mouth or eat an apple.
To learn how to properly brush your teeth, you need to seek the advice of a doctor, stomapathology of children. In each room there is a polyclinic care, where children are taught proper cleaning of the teeth.

Since children attending a dentist at an early age children are not afraid of doctors and avoid various complications, which can then lead to a reluctance to treat teeth.

In particular,do not forget about all that work directly on the prevention of various diseases - fresh air, proper diet, active.

Oral health

For Kids need to brush teeth twice a day, morning and evening before going to bed;

  • A balanced diet;
  • The kid mustand receive all the necessary trace elements and bone minerals. If the child is also breast-fed, the mother's diet should be milk products;
  • Limit sugary drinks;
  • At night, to give drink boiled water;
  • Children are very useful eat solid food;
  • regularly visit dental surgord.

If your child has erupted 1-2 or more teeth, then it is time to visit the pediatric dentist who will provide tips on caring for your teeth and pay attention to any changes.


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