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Headbrain - is itself the main centers of the nervous system. He occupies a large part of the skull. : Subcortical regions, brainstem, and a large brain. &Nbsp;
The brain itself is located in the cavity of a conventional cranial bones that protect the brain from a lot of strong external mechanical damage. Externally, MOMH reminds droglistu mass of yellow. Average weight 1375g cerebral male and female 1275 grams, but it is directly in men 2% of the total weight and 2.5% in women. The development normal brain often depends on the ratio of the spinal cord to the brain, feline 1: 1 in dogs 1: 2, 1:16 in monkeys, humans 1:50.
Soft or choroid often adjacent to the substance of the brain, comes in all grooves and spin.
Arachnoid sheath-thin transparent on the floor, has no blood vessels, between it and the hard shell is a space filled with cerebrospinal Ryden.
Solid ObolPFA lining the cranial cavity and tightly fused with the bone, the periosteum has veins forming the number of vessels and nerves.

The morphological features of the medulla oblongata
1. Continuation of the spinal cord itself is the medulla oblongata.
2. Gray matter contains the nucleus of three types:
a) important cCentralized livelihoods of Person respiration, heart, vasomotor, secretion of digestive glands. Sweating, chewing and protective reflexes (sneezing, coughing, blinking, tearing, sucking.)
Morphological and functional features of the hindbrain
1. Drawing up of two hemispheres and a pair of worm.
2. Externally coated hemisphere gray matter under which placed a white substance which has the form of the root system of the tree.
3. Function provides kordinatsiyu movements and the regulation of muscle contraction skleptnih maintenance of tone muscles, posture and ensure the equilibrium of the body.

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