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The procedure for adoption of a child

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Thousands of homeless people find their place in the open air, are the so-calledFirst vagabond life, others find the final stop in orphanages. However, both the first and second dream about his parents and a normal complete family, in which they feel that they are loved and that they need. That is why the society established the institution of adoption, which is designed to solve the problems of orphans and children deprived offatherly care. By adoption a child who lost parents an opportunity to grow in the home and receive love from family.
Adoption is relevant in our time for Ukraine problem, which is experiencing an era of complex socio-economic and political changes. The Constitution of Ukraines defines the rights and responsibilities of children. But, despite the fact that in our country quite clearly the legal framework for children's rights, the number of orphans and children deprived of parental care is very large.
Ukraine ranked 2nd among European countries in the number of besporizornyh children after Russia. &Nbsp; Therefore, an understanding of children's issues, in particular, the attitude of society to them, is important for the development of the country in the future. It is for these children to build our state, and therefore healthier and happier than they are, the more successful the Ukraine.
The main reasons that the brakeYat adoption process in Ukraine is the lack of public awareness of the existence of such problems and complex that exists in our country.

This procedure takes place in Ukraine in a few basic steps:

  • Filing and statementsthe decision to register as adopter service for children in the community;
  • Getting conclusions about the possibility of being an adoptive parent of services for children;
  • The registration service for children;
  • Learn about the children;
  • Focus on full-time acquaintance with the child service for children
  • Application adopter of the desire to adopt a child in service for children;
  • obtaining the opinion of authority for the feasibility of the adoption of children;
  • Prepare adopter application to the court on adoption and trial.
In order to get the educationie the child must go through a number of bureaucratic obstacles created by our state. However, there is no clear view on this issue. People who want to adopt a child, willing to go through all the steps, if only the long-awaited baby was next to them. Each of us understands that adoption may not be easy and painlessprocesses, the fact the state as the guarantor must be confident that gives children's lives in safe hands. Therefore, the procedure after all, must be quite complicated. In contrast, people who are at all times ready to go to his purpose, many scares the adoption process and they are forced to abandon the idea. And this, in myopinion, the biggest problem. The state should not only be encouraged to ensure that adopt children, but also to fix an acceptable procedure for adoption of the child population. It is very important that it is not only simplistic, but also transparent and open to anyone who wants to do a good job and to adopt a child.
The thing is really sorebuet strength and energy. And everyone is able to go through these eight steps? Probably not. Therefore it is necessary at the national level to accept the changes that have reduced and perfected a protracted process of adopting a child.
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