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Where can I buy dosimeter SOEKS?

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The dosimeter Soeks – revolution in the worlddosimeters!

The presence of radiation today no surprise. And most people have learned to live with it, forgetting that radiation continues to adversely affect their health. High levels of ionizing radiation can cause even malignancy. Therefore, any   meanswe must not forget the presence of radiation, but, on the contrary,   on the ability to control it. That's what has been created. This clever device that helps you keep the level of radiation under control!

The use of the dosimeter Soeks

The dosimeter Soeks found its application in everyday life. First thingse, which is used dosimeter Soeks – this is a test house or apartment. Some people think that if the house is elevated radiation levels, it means that he is in the zone of increased radiation, but this is a mistake! If your home emits elevated levels of radiation, this means that the material from which built the house, had been infected previously.Likewise, Soeks dosimeters are used to check the operating room. Also, use this tool to check the food. In most cases fruit and vegetables, as well as all that grows in the ground. Earth - it is a good conductor of radioactive radiation, so anything that grows in contaminated land – dangerous. But where we have delivered products totorye sold on the market, no one knows. Therefore, to protect their health is necessary to use a dosimeter Soeks those fruits and vegetables that you want to purchase.

The dosimeter Soeks has many advantages over its predecessors. And one of the most important advantages is that theit produces a 24-hour monitoring of background radiation. Further, in addition to measuring the level of radiation in the room, it also measures the level of radioactive emissions on the land. Also, thanks to this device can measure the level of radiation in various everyday life objects made of wood, metal, etc.

It linesn of the device

Use a dosimeter can be anyone. In order to check the level of radiation, it is necessary to bring the device to the device under test for a few minutes. After some time in the automatic mode, the device itself displays the result on the screen. A little advice, if you want the floorteach 100% result for the beginning measure the total radiation background. To do this, from the object to be inspected have to move 15 meters. Dosimeters Soeks – This smart devices that determine the level of radiation very precisely. But it happens that the external background of ionizing radiation is so great that knocks background radiation of a particular object.

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