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What will we do without such a device, like a computer?

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Today none of the experts had no doubt that the modern FIELD OPERAtivity in the field of design is inextricably linked to computers. More details about this will tell us Naumov AE (Officer repair phones, tablets and PCs). All printing and promotional items created or finalized by the computer, which is the subject of technical equipment becomes a powerful artistic instrument. With it solved complex design tasks. The study of color as a constant aesthetic perception, including in computer technology, is the need of the time, the actual scientific problem of modern technical aesthetics that enhances attention to the little-known aspects of color perception. New socio-economicalcal conditions, the rapid development of technical progress and the introduction of digital technologies in production and automation of the design process, the development of the design while maintaining the traditional setting of color require agreement between the theoretical laws of chromatics academic and computer industries, as well as the urgent sovershenstvovaof teaching in the disciplines of graphic design education.

laptop everywhere today!

Modern computer technology it is « captured » and a humanitarian area as artistic creativity. Today, it is not necessary to convince artists and designers need a computeryuternoy literacy - work on the computer easier and much more interesting: you can see a rich composite of choices and color combinations to achieve the original effects, make the desired number of copies printed. Computerization of the profession of the designer on the one hand was the relief in terms of technical excellence, but it is thekzhe opened the way for many people to artistic creativity nonprofessionals. Now computer graphics, decorative as intended, it is on a par with art easel and decorative and very quickly gaining momentum. Erasing borders - a characteristic feature of our time. Therefore, the computer, like an easel with palette - only a tool etc.A realization of the idea of ??plastic. And to create the idea that it is impossible to replace some computer effects, can only be an artist with a lot of knowledge and skills. With all the rich arsenal of artistic tools and effects, the artist-designer should not forget about the peculiarities of the interaction of colors on a plane or in spaceth environment.

The advent of computer technology, on the one hand, is a clear progress in all branches of design, on the other - it turned out that it was a big problem in the creation of color images for different purposes. The work of contemporary designers who lack the knowledge, not only in color theory and the theorythe composition, but also on aesthetics and culture, provides in addition to the ability to think creatively, even the possession of sophisticated new technologies.

The color graphic computer

Now the professional work with color in computer graphics is considered « aerobatics & raquo ;, especially in preparationcolor printing products. Working with full-color images - a difficult task. Long gone manufacturers and experts, who promised to « color created a single click & raquo ;. Color in computer technology is a function of many variables. The color of a different perception of people, recognize the different scanners, different show MonIthor, different light output to printers on different types of paper. Even one and the same project is reproduced various printing equipment in different ways.

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