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Where to learn to drive?

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Where to learn to drive a car? There are 2 options: either a private driving school instructor, for example, canSchool of driving skills "Sputnik". In fairness, I note that the cost of education was not a fundamental criterion for choosing the school. The average cost of training - 2390 hryvnia (1040 hryvnia for theoretical course and 1350 hryvnia for practice, which includes the cost of fuel). In addition, you will have to pay for the production of medicalHelp - 150 hryvnia (good that schools are often invited to a medical examination directly to themselves and do not need to go on any hospital) for a book of rules of the road - 35 hryvnia and tickets for an exam - 40 hryvnia. If you wish, you can buy a CD with jobs - 25 hryvnia. The last item in the list of expenses - fee for the exam and in MREOproduce plastic driver's license. Unfortunately, I can not remember the cost, as for delivery in MREO I have not yet arrived. But will have to pay 400 hryvnia.

Documents for admission to the driving school, and develop medspravki exam MREO

To join a driving school whether you needNIL write an application and submit a photocopy of your passport. After 2-3 weeks after the start of training you will be offered to make medspravka (it is necessary not only to pass the external exam - ie the exam in the traffic police - but also to ensure that you have the right to manage the training vehicles. In other words, without a medical certificate, you can not Practical classes startIa).

In order to make a medical certificate, you will need your passport, 2 photos 3,5x4,5, military card or registration certificate (for men only) and knowledge of their blood (during medical examination at the You will be asked about the blood group and fit in the FAQ).

For examinations MREO served: orrukt

  • Passport;
  • driver medical certificate;
  • 2 photos 3,5x4,5;
  • set of documents, which are prepared and driving school testify to its successful completion and delivery of internal exam.

Theoretical lessons

After filing (actually - the passport) and partial tuition (first you pay only for the theory, since the practice started a month after the start of training) you become happy driving school pupil. Education begins with the theory (of course, before releasing you on the road, you need at least to talk aboutSigns goad, is not it?)

After reading horrible reviews about other schools, I am very afraid of a formal approach to learning and banal nachitki text « Traffic Rules » during class. Fortunately, my fears were not realized - after more than four years after graduation, I again sat in the audience with enthusiasmlistening to the teacher.

The theoretical classes are held twice a week at the most opportune time - just after the operation - and continue 1.5 - 2 hours. The approach to training is absolutely informal. The teacher is very accessible, and most importantly - interesting talks about traffic rules, driving techniques, how it works, webecomes « language » drivers, divided life examples and answers to all questions. In addition, each lesson we parse certain typical (and unusual) situation and give answers to « complex » questions that may happen on the exam in the SAI.

In short, going to a driving school, I expected that I would enjoythe practice and the theory of walking without much enthusiasm, only to pass the exam. In fact it turned out that the lessons of the theory I expect with no less eagerly than the practical training. Although the latter at the moment there were only two (yesterday and today), and there is a feeling that will continue to become even more interesting.

PS: By the way, in the imageat the top of the car in which I'm learning to drive (not specifically on this, but at the same) - Opel Astra.

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