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Status of water of centralized water supply

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The miraculous properties, healing effect - which only anomalous properties not credited SPRINGShowling water. Many are convinced that it is much healthier to drink than water, which falls into our homes on the water network. Wonders of the spring water in the regional sanepidsluzhby not promise, however, confirm that there is no serious danger for the population there, it does not bear, and all her sins can be eliminated at home. Several Menthan the positive characteristics in tap water: in this wine the worn out water supply systems. And then, come to the aid, which will help improve the quality of water, which means - life.

According to statistics, 80% of acquired diseases occur due to unsafe drinking water. This and cancers, dermatitis, eczema, arsenoz, bronchitis, anemiaOia, thyroid dysfunction, kidney, nervous, cardiovascular system, a significant reduction in the reproductive function in men. Therefore, the issue of water quality in the region, journalists « number one » They are not interested in the first time.

Salts tend to settle in the gall bladder, and even in the blood vessels. They zashlakovyvayut organismsm humans and accumulate in the form of kidney stones. One of the most common heavy metals found in water, is lead. It may worsen the condition of the reproductive and central nervous system, raise blood pressure and affect hearing, and high levels of concentration - cause anemia and kidney damage.

Negatively on aTATUS centralized water supply water affect its periodic shutdown. Then there is stagnant water, and after the restoration of the water supply is polluted. Also characteristic of the districts is a breakthrough water mains that have a significant impact on the quality of drinking water, because every break entails releasingix sewage, and at the same time and water pollution. In an average year in the region there is about 80 breakthroughs. Before the resumption of the network, the SES necessarily takes on bacteriological analysis of water and chemical. If the indicators meet the requirements, the water supply is restored.

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