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How to restore volossy via d'Arsonval current

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Not all actions and lifestyles affect your well-prFRESH. Let's start with elementary, shampooing:
I read in one of Moscow's books on cosmetology for physicians recommended by the multiplicity of 1 shampooing every 2-3 weeks !!! !!!, and the dry hair type can be extended up to 3-4 weeks. Fun Yeah !!
But we live in the society so I think it can be replaced by the week days, with an averageand long hair length.

Wash your hair slightly acidified water is advised, it is possible to add vinegar or lemon juice mild shampoo. From the experience that I just did not wash. But most of all I like Dove. Before washing hair, it is better to comb and brush with oil (olive, palmm, burdock ...). The procedure is continued for 5 minutes, then thoroughly washed with water head. Good shampoo that I was advised to hair loss: Alloton, vichy shampoo DERCOS - strengthening shampoo with Aminekcilom ® against hair loss. Shampoo should not desiccate the skin of the head, this is important because individual picks it up.

There's a good mask, which improves blood circulation to the hair follicles and which designate not as a means of traditional medicine, as well as a medical procedure.
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Take burdock oil and tincture of cayenne pepper (from a pharmacy) per 1: 1 to 25ml. mix, then applied to the scalp, gently rubbing. Pinned up hair, wrap a towel on top and hold for 2-3 hours and then wash off with shampoo. You can make the mask for the night. I warn you that the feeling should be a slight burning sensation, and do not let the solution gets into your eyes.

also good effect give the currents d'Arsonval, or" darsonval, "it is such a" comb ", which is in contact with the scalp to produce ozone which improves the same circulation . The procedure can take place in nat. office nearest medical facility or can be purchased and used at home. It is not too dorOgoy (300 USD). And it can be used not only in loss of hair and in the treatment of other diseases. 10 sessions for 5 minutes a day is enough.

Vitamin Complexes Merz or Lake Volvi - vitamins beauty. Plus Fitoval drug to repair damaged hair. Grafites Kosmopleks- Preparation on the plant components used by doctors, dermatologists, it is as a stimulant in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the skin, hair and nails. The drugs that I mentioned above are taken about a month according to the instructions, you can google.

All of this is taken in combination to achieve the effect. The process of restoring lost hair ns fast, so you have to wait a month.

So a big plus to this all is a healthy diet, eliminate from the diet of amphetamine (no jokes from his terrible hair fall), and lead, and be sure to wear a headdress winter :)

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