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The fight with the dust in the house

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My house - my fortress. During the years of his life we ??are used to assess their own homes as the safest place for us. And if they are afraid,What is serious enough - the robbers, fires, natural disasters. One word - force majeure. However, a much greater threat is posed by common household dust, we face every day, and have even become accustomed to it.

At first glance, many days dust that tightly covers allsurface in the building is only unattractive aesthetically. However, on closer examination, it becomes just disgusting. After all, what is in the dust? This collection of microscopic particles of salts of rocks, resins, parasites and residual organisms (animal hair and human hair, insect parts, and so on. D.). Aboutychno two-thirds of the total amount of dust are of natural origin, the other third is the result of human activity. In sunny weather, everyone can see how this cocktail is saturated with air in the rooms (1 liter contains 500 thousand. Dust). According to ecologists, the air of city streets cleaner and less toxic than the air space and offices 4-6 times.

However, the worst is that dust is a favorable environment for living mites - absolutely not visible to the eye of organisms per gram of dust which may contain up to several tysyach.Odnako in the dust there is also and other microorganisms as bacteria, viruses and fungi. That dust yousteps one of the distributors of infections during epidemics. We are now taking it from house to house with the pathogens. The protection of our body from dust are the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract healthy surface itself is capable of getting rid of foreign particles. However, in some cases, this mechanism may fail. Frequent Bolesitu, irritation of the skin and mucous membranes, weakened immune system, children or old age - factors that reduce the body's ability to resist dust. According to research scientists, physicians, and 80% reserve capacity of the immune system is spent on disposal of dust agents. Living in such conditions over time, sodepletes the body of that is a failure, and as a consequence - the disease.

Environmentalists around the world unanimously note: the dust is dangerous to human health. Inhalation of high concentrations of dust cause the same harmful effects on the lungs, as well as polsigarety. However, it is no less harmful for household and computerart. Settling on the details of the mechanism, the dust is capable to complicate and worsen the operation of devices can cause corrosion and insulation. In addition, the accumulation of dust inside the equipment leads to increased noise of her work.

« What to do? » - Ask you. Dust - an eternal inhabitant of our homes. Win it completely izgnamb impossible. After all the dust formed continuously: wiped carpet and textile coatings, paint visharkuetsya, from the street to the house flies sand, smoke, scatter and fly detergents and cosmetics, and the people themselves lose their hair, skin epithelium. There is nothing you can do about it. However, it is necessary to try to reduce the amount of dust in ourhomes.

The apartments are a significant part of the dust is made up of textile fibers - a fine villi carpet, upholstery, clothing, curtains and soft toys. Therefore, the more textiles in your home - the more it will be dust. In addition, curtains and carpeting not only form the dust, but also attract it. Dostatchno only see the color of the water in the wash becomes supposedly sufficiently pure curtains. If curtains allow dust to scatter at the slightest movement, and wind gusts, the carpets are usually tightly holding her captive in his pile. This greatly facilitates cleaning. Suffice it once or several times a week to clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Another significant tool in the fight with the dirt is, of course, a damp cloth. She needs to wipe exposed as often as possible. Sometimes, furnished interior, we are extremely concerned about the decor, colors, shapes, forgetting that the dust has been and will remain an essential attribute of human habitation. The more surfacesyour house will be made to various objects - the harder and longer the process of cleaning and the easier it will be to gather dust again.

Wash the floor must also be at least once a week. However, it is better to do without the addition of any detergent and disinfectant, as this may be sufficient toxary.

Leading the fight against dust mites and germs, we must not forget as often as possible ventilate the room. In the clean and fresh air fungi and bacteria die quickly, but stop mites multiply. It is particularly important regular airing during the heating season when humidity drops in the rooms.

In addition, you need at least twice a year to vacuum upholstered furniture regularly clean the pillows and duvets, summer dry blankets and mattresses in the sun. Bed linen better to change about once a week, and be sure to iron after washing.

Modern technologies have createdmany helpers in the fight for clean rooms: cleaners and humidifiers, vacuum cleaners with modern aquafiltering. Work organizations providing cleaning services, for example:. Consult specialists or remove yourself - you decide. However, observing the simple rules of hygiene home, you can save your health, time and money. Vedass pure, not where clean, but where the purity of support!

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