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How to order an investigation of accidents on board, located in the flight

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The lawyer is the person who takes over obligabe representative of the affected person. Few people know, but today very few specialists. In fact, only a few really know how to crank out a good deal. And this is very important because of the court's decision depends directly on human destiny. Today, we learn some interesting facts from the lawyer. To be more precise, Many know how to order on the ship, which is in flight.

So here we go ..

The vessel is placed in flight, accidents investigated by the departmental committee appointed captain, and under his presidency. The commission includes representatives of the trade union committee of the ship, public technical inspprojector, labor protection committee members, representatives of relevant marine services.

Act in the prescribed form shall be made in four copies (for group and deaths - in ten copies). Three copies of the certificate sent to the shipping company that owns the ship. When of findingResearch Institute of ships sailing all the documents on the unfortunate cases sent to the shipowner, on arrival at the first port.

may be cases where the victim has not reported the accident, committed by him during the working day. It so happens that disability does not occur immediately, but after nekotond time after the accident, causing difficulties in establishing the true cause of the injury. In that case, the act on the form is after a thorough verification of all circumstances and careful research and the submitted documents (certificates of medical institutions, testimony witnesses, examinations, etc.).. As the ship is both a place of work and residence of seafarers, it is advisable to investigate and household injuries skoilisya on board.

There are cases when the causes of injuries at skoilisya rest of seafarers on the ship, there were design flaws ship machinery and equipment. Neschemspecial case, with students skoilisya maritime training institutions aimed at the practice or temporarily to work in ports as well as to other companies being investigated and taken into account by those enterprises, where these incidents took place. The investigation was attended by representatives of the institution.

As we can see, that this case is not easy. Of course, be sure to need the support of a man who knows the law.

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