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Dental caries - risk, the causes of dental treatment

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Healthy and shining teeth with an open smile has always been an indicator of solidnogon the status of the person. And to be the owner of a smile can be one, but laziness and fear of dentists, dental treatment late, incorrect and inadequate oral hygiene, give rise to caries.

Dental caries - it is a long process that takes place in the hard tissues of the teeth and forms a Tak-called « holes & raquo ;. The most common cause caries bacteria Streptococcus mutans, which looks like the teeth of a soft touch. That it is necessary to fight on a daily basis, using special solutions, filaments and brushes. After all, their own to get rid of tooth decay is not possible, it may make only an experienced dentist, using spetool reshape the company.

Tooth decay causes problems with the digestive system, leading to the destruction of dentin and enamel. Handle time to the dentist, and he will tell you how to prevent dental problems, and if necessary, will help get rid of them.

Dental treatment will get rid of the constant sourceska bacteria in the body that causes the allergy. Through professional help, you can eliminate the risk of periodontitis, due to pulpitis and flux.

Treatment of caries

For example, Active Dent operates using the best modern techniques and offers high-quality treatment of cariesat the decent price. Caries is divided into uncomplicated and complicated, and each of them has its own characteristics of treatment

Uncomplicated is divided into the following types:

  • surface caries (does not reach the limit of enamel);
  • studIa spots (initial, which is characterized by local demineralization of enamel);
  • middle (loss of tooth enamel and dentin);
  • deep (gets up to the pulp).

Complicated, in turn, is divided into:

  • pulpit;
  • periodontitis.

The emergence and development of caries consists of several stages, which take place a long time. If you do not take the necessary measures at an early stage, you can get serious complications.

For the treatment of caries using relatively simple Mansipulyatsii that occur gradually:

  • Removing plaque from the enamel surface of the teeth;
  • The definition of enamel color using a special scale to meet the seal adjacent teeth;
  • Anesthesia. Pain relief help without fear and pain nereschedule the removal of the affected tissues;
  • drilling caries, with the help of modern drills;
  • Removal of saliva from the tooth, because the moisture makes it impossible for high-quality filling;
  • Restoration of interdental tooth surface;
  • Treatment of enamel acid medications;
  • Treatment of enamel and dentin of the tooth adhesive and backlight lamp;
  • Filling;
  • Polishing and grinding teeth.

Treatment of caries is one of the first stepsthe road to health and perfect smile!

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