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Treatment of demodicosis - not an easy task

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Acne - is a common chronic skin disease triggered by subcutaneous mitekind of demodex, constantly living in the face: in the area of ??the cheeks, nose, forehead, external ear and around the mouth. Much less a parasite « settles » on the neck and chin. Demodex lives inside the hair follicle, the follicle and sebaceous glands. One iron can accumulate up to 100-200 individuals. Says Martin Klassen - clinician portal:

Demodex - a microscopic subcutaneous mite, which is found in a significant number of people and animals. That is, they are our symbionts (from the Greek - cohabitation) and their presence is not a pathology. The harmful effects of the parasite on the human body depends on the intensity of reproduction, of vitalelnosti mite and condition of the body « master & raquo ;, that is, the parasite may be pathogenic in one organism and did not harmful to others. The nature of the disease also depends on the individual response of the body to the presence of the parasite. Another important factor is the impact of environmental factors on parasite and « master & raquo ;. All ethe nature of the clinical forms of asymptomatic parazitonositelstva severe manifestations of the disease.

Speaking of complaints, which treated patients (or a dermatologist or beauty parlor), this criticism cosmetic. First of all, we are talking about facial flushing,rashes on the face, the appearance of red spots and pustules. Patients also complain of itching, burning, a feeling of tightening of the skin, and this is especially worried after eating hot meals, drinks (eg coffee or tea) or alcohol. With the defeat of mite Century complaints redness of the eyelids, itching, pain in the eyes of varying intensity.

- In this case, in addition to the dermatologist, the patient should consult an ophthalmologist and?

- Definitely. I emphasize that demodekoz - the problem is not cosmetic and dermatological, and it must take into account people who are haunted by demodex.

- I knowtreatment of demodectic long, in fact - a complex that is not confined to the application of ointments or boltushek. Such patients prescribed drugs, even prescribed anthelmintics. Why?

- First of all, I should note that only a superficial (skin lesion) treatment can not do. Local treatment of dermatolog assigns, given the form and stage of disease. But only local treatment does not give consistent effect, because relapses of the disease. Treatment of demodicosis should be complex. It - antiparasitic treatment, treatment of comorbidities, vitamin therapy. The difficulty is that the disease often develops due to lower immuniteta and it can be combined with other skin problems. That is why the fight against it is usually directed on destruction of the tick, and in the treatment of background diseases and increase the body's defenses. A prevention of demodectic mange is to eliminate factors causing vasodilation of the skin, that is sharp, rich spices food hot napitkov, alcohol, sunlight, exposure to high and low temperatures, emotional surge.

- To establish that this is demodicosis, the doctor probably refer the patient to a laboratory to do a special analysis to identify the parasite?

- That's right, these obsledovaniya held. The agent may be in the sebum in ulcers, facial scales, their laboratory method takes soshkrebaniya. Later, under the microscope reveal what kind of parasite, and what stage of his life.

- If there is subcutaneous mite should be a special diet? Also, patients with demodexgirls claim to have problems with cleaning the skin from makeup, because they can not wash with warm water ...
- Regarding food, I can say that it should be a dairy or plant foods, and foods with a view of possible pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, which corrects an appropriate diet.

Now for the washing. Wash should be boiled water - cold or room temperature.
- Another advised for washing (for example, for prevention or therapeutic purposes), some herbal teas, including including chamomile, sage, celandine, St. John's wort, calendula.
- Herbal uniquely can be used, but fitoterapiyu appoint a dermatologist, given the characteristics of the skin of the particular patient.

- There are periods of exacerbation of the disease?
- The aggravation of demodectic mange is most common in the spring and summer. And considering that the average annual temperature has increased in recent years, the intensity of the spread in demodecticozrosla.

- When discovered pathogen demodicosis?
- More than 150 years ago. Transfer it, and the people and animals (dogs, cats). Once again: it is - not cosmetic and dermatological problems. Prescribe treatment must take into account peculiarities of demodectic mange. The disease often occurs against a background of existing slaughteringeases the skin, eyes, gastro-intestinal tract.

It is worth paying attention to such co-morbidities such as diabetes, tonsillitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, chronic infection foci. By demodekoz inclined people who have certain skin diseases, such as rosacea, and seborrhea. The risk of becoming victims of demodeksa and those who for a long time applies hormone corticosteroid ointment. Therefore, experts collecting history (information about the previous state of the patient) should take into account all these factors and then prescribe treatment.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the mite reproduces in the hair follicles and skinglands, affects them, which is accompanied by loss of hair, ie hair loss, paving the way microbes, respectively - complicates the course of the disease. And the mite and the products of his life provoked a general sensitization (increased sensitivity) and allergy of the body that you will agree, is a significant health problem.

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