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To install the slopes of plasterboard

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Set on the slopes of plastic windows Drywall – It is the popula-molecular method used to design window opening. To recommend to buy waterproof sheet, since the surface of the slope will often have contact with high humidity.


  • the breadth of our slope with an overlap of 2 - 2.5 cm;
  • On plasterboard moisture-proof sheet (gypsum plasterboard) traceable we need fabric and cut their jigsaw, or using a special knife for drywall. In the first case, to prevent the spread of plaster dust, the material is recommended to moisten with water. You should come out 1 upper and 2 side fabric;
  • The work must begin with the first of the sides. Initially, you need to install plasterboard waterproof sheet so that it went into recess between the wall and by the plastic window on the 2 - 2.5 cm;
  • Further, the polyurethane foam to fill the seam on the inner side of the slope between the wall and him, then you have nAnesti two strips of foam: at its edge and on the wall (in the middle of the slope);
  • After this, fabric plasterboard priklast need so that between him and the foam was a small space;
  • Next steps 30 - 40 cm, the fabric will need to be secured with dowels, nails « quick installation & raquo ;. To check the fabric vertical installation, all work should be carried out using a builder's level;
  • In the same way you need to mount and the upper slope;
  • After 2 - 3 hours (hardening time of the foam) need to take a mesh mounting adhesive tape (serpyanku)and filler (Uniflot, Fugenfyuller et al.) or seal cracks and joints. Initially, you need to stick serpyanku, and then using a spatula and spatula will need to align the surface of the slope;
  • In order to protect sections to install the corners. You will need a galvanized, perforated aluminum or corners. Further, on theplasterboard with a spatula apply a layer Fugenfyullera then strictly in terms of area and set slightly overwritten by this putty;
  • Next we need Vetonit VH, since it is made on the basis of cement. Using it, you need to align the way poshpaklevat and slopes to plasterboard had the moattion surface;
  • Once everything is dry you need poshlifovat gypsum plasterboard.

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