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Dietary supplements taken or how often they called dietary supplements have long been in our daily lives. About themdevelops controversial opinion. Many different thoughts, rumors, speculation and gossip. Biologically it is in Ukraine, it appeared relatively recently about ten   years ago, but today the Ukrainians offer these products by more than 200 manufacturers.

What are the dietary supplements?

Biologically active additives (BAA) - are natural or identical active substances that are derived from vegetable or mineral raw materials. They are able to be included directly in the food or beverage.

Do you have any dietary supplements contraindicatedOia?

Yes, because dietary supplements is part of the diet, and how any product is an allergic reaction or idiosyncrasy of the body. So to the use of nutritional supplements should be treated only with care, as well as directly in the planning of our food.

When is contraindicated the use of dietary supplements?

As a general rule, without consulting a doctor is not recommended to use dietary supplements to pregnant women or nursing mothers.

How much more effectively influence dietary supplements on the immune system of the human body and its ability tost directly confront the various diseases?

So, as far as the correct balanced diet of fresh and very high-quality products more efficiently than the effect on the human immune system and much enhances the ability of each organism. However, all have long known that for todayyashny day most of the people simply have no way to ensure your daily diet all the necessary components, and in this particular case there is a need for taking dietary supplements, which are rich in minerals and various trace elements, many of polyunsaturated acids, other fibers, and so on. p.

Can we consider dietary supplements as an analogue of vitamin pills or drugs that boost immunity?

Keep in mind that:

  • Without any reservations dietary supplements can make only healthy people;
  • If you have acute and chronic diseases, the   is strictly prohibited self;  
  • If you povilis any problems directly with health, you are treated in accordance with the prescribing physician, do not forget to report Badakhshan, if you accept them.

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