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What are the skinali?

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In order to cooking itself was very pleasant care, which in turn brings a lot Satisfactorylstviya need to always on hand and was comfortable surface in order to make cuts and, last but not least - high-quality plate. In addition, in your kitchen have to face modern appliances. Home   properly implement the design of the kitchen.  

What is skinali?

SkiThe presence, or as they are called aprons for the kitchen made of glass, are a great part of the interior, which has the ability to not only protect the important space that is between the sink and many cabinets from getting him water, but also make your kitchen interior is very exclusive. By the way, look andskinali order on our website:.

What are the main advantages skinali?

Kitchen skinali are practical and a good way to create a unique design. The technology of production of these goods is to apply printing directly on the other side of the glass or ceramicSecond panel. Before you place an order for one or the other pattern makers skinali allowed to view a catalog of all possible images, but if you can not choose for themselves the appropriate picture, we can make a unique photo that will be offered by the client.

In addition decorative pieces for the kitchen apronsand are characterized by good functional characteristics. They will help protect your kitchen from the formation of many unpleasant spots and the appearance of the film with fat. Kitchen Aprons can be easily cleaned by coating them with a soap solution. &Nbsp;

How attached skinali?

Before you make an order for skinali must first ofalternate to make all the necessary measurements. Use immediately plan kitchen, will make it possible to take into account some of the nuances. Before the implementation of the installation, in addition to prepare the walls is not necessary. However, experts still advise how to make the walls more smooth in order to make the shutter speed horizons kitchen MEBEIs. Skinali without any complications can set themselves on top of wallpaper, plaster or even the tiles. By installing them should be approached only after you put all the pieces of kitchen units, as tempered glass needs to be done for the right size, which can no longer be correct, drill or partially cut. Exactlyfor this reason, a variety of cut-outs must be provided much earlier.

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