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Problems with the spine in a child

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The cause of half of the" defective "Commissioner conscripts in Russia becomes a curvature of the spine. Says Ivanov RA - Site Editor: "One of the main functions of the spine - the establishment of reliable support for our body, with its deformation the support function of the body is suffering, there is an overload of certain parts of the body is disturbed biomechanics of motion in joints, change the position and function of internal organs".

All this leads to a deterioration kachesTwa life, the occurrence of concomitant diseases, early aging. At first glance, curvature of the spine may look small, but with radiography deformation is significant, with the displacement of internal organs. So when kyphosis occurs curvature of the spine to the front and lateral curvature of the spine called scoliosisst. Such bias "main stem" of the body compensates for shift in other parts of the spine, pelvis skewing or distorting the chest. Most often running scoliosis - the cause of delayed treatment of parents with a child to the doctor.

If you do not restore the support function of the spine in a child, the disease will progress.Intrigue scoliosis is that the disease occurs in the initial stages malosimptomno. Children hardly complain of back pain, no different from their peers. Over time, there is fatigue from physical work or physical exercise. For table or desk child sits unevenly, subconsciously searching for the best posture himself. Initialinaet avoid outdoor games, spend more time at home watching television. By limiting physical activity, the child becomes more vulnerable to scoliosis: weakened muscles in the growth areas of the spine begin trophic disorders, increased its deformation.

Suppressed mental state, the child becomes nervous. TOUnfortunately, most parents pay attention to the child's illness later, when he held the structural changes of the spine. For a teenager, due to the nature of the psyche, the child rarely complains about parents on their health.


The sooner your child gets right nod medical supervision, it would be much better. Young body will provide an opportunity to correct this situation, it is still "soft" and a lot of fresh developments. It is very important after the correction of the right to fix the spine, it is developing the muscles around the spine and form a muscular corset. School holidays - this is really a good opportunity Mampay attention to the health of their children, because they prevent any disease much easier than fighting directly with its consequences.

The deformation of the spine and pelvis - are one of the reasons why a woman can not give birth to a baby's own resources . In this case, doctors can come to help the new personlamb is born through cesarean section.

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