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Autumn - no time for depression

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Finally the favorite time - autumn, it's time to romantic evenings, bright colors and hot tea afterboth wet « to the thread & raquo ;. "I never understood those who suffer symptom « autumn depression & raquo ;. say that it occurs in the fall, because there is not enough sun, cold in the yard, and the sky was not as bright blue," - says Fedorova Valentina Fyodorovna - Head of Paid Hospice:.

Depression let Drew is looking for aGIH "customers"

Maybe someone will say that I am a dreamer and easy to just talk about the absence of depression, but everything in life quite differently. In fact, all hard to have in this life: to run to work every day and get wet in the cold autumn rain, working from morning to night and not have an extra dime on timedrive, a lifetime spent on home improvement and remain alone in old age, or to be alone in the shower, despite the huge number of relatives ... And even worse, losing dear people, to get to the war, half of my life to take place in a boarding school, sick serious illness .. . Such challenges are many, but one life!

Always think about questionsm « life frames & raquo ;. Perhaps it is this framework and became the impetus for the emergence of the concept of « depression & raquo ;? Perhaps we are too limit yourself? We try to be perfect for everyone to act according to generally accepted principles ... And why not be yourself now? Do you allow yourself to sleep plenty, at least once: be absent from work to playhide and seek with the children to paint a wall in an apartment, find a favorite activity and spend all his free time ... It is because of these events, and is a happy life .. Or why not just smile walking down the street, and no matter what someone thinks you are weird, it is important that you feel at the moment.

Depression "likes" intelTwal

Get rid of the so-called depressed easily. Women helping change of image, a permutation of the apartment, the publication of a dear friend, the men - an emotional football, fishing and so on.. In such times, you need to find time to rest, healthy sleep, leisure time with your family ... It is necessary to take a warm bath with essential oilsinclude more light in the apartment, go out when the sun is shining ... And the best - sometimes be like children. They charge us with energy, they at any time of the year find something new, lively, joyful. In the difficult and joyful moments are honest, they do what they want here and now ... What prevents us? Perhaps the usual laziness? Too lazy to change somethings now and constantly put off everything for tomorrow, too lazy to get out of the gray house and see a magical autumn, or make gray house really bright and alive ... We simply look for the causes in the « autumn depression & raquo ;, feel sorry for yourself and suffer from severe life or envy those who pleased him.

Or perhaps it prevents proudlyst? Unwillingness to forgive, to descend on trumped-up sky, perhaps indifference? Indifference to those who ask, or stray dogs or to the problems of other people ... From the inability to see its flaws and there is melancholy, nagging dissatisfaction with life. In such cases, there are other drugs from a terrible depression. Try to go to church andwhether other religious sites, visit the orphanage to see dozens of patients at the hospital and you just realize that in fact, and there is no reason to despair, to suffer any farfetched farfetched problems. Even in places people do not think about depression. The church people believe in God and know that everything will be fine in a boarding school children believe that they can present seventh and will be happy, and hope to the patients recover quickly and will work together with dear people. Even in the most difficult moments everyone knows that happiness is on its way and will not be autumn depression.

How to recognize seasonal depression

And do it this fall commencement of the long-awaited dream. Onchnite losing weight, join a gym, change image, make repairs, call staryi friends ... Do not wait for the next day, week, year. Make every autumn happy. Throw away from the head of the concept of depression and do not look at her reasons for your failures.

Anyway, in my opinion, no autumn depression does not exist! Everyone has a choice: lifes happy now or wait for a better moment of inspiration .. Do not wait for the sun outside, shine forth themselves - inside ...

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