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Is it possible today zdat laundry linen?

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If you do not have neither the strength nortime for hand washing, the washing machine is useful. However, if for some reason you do not have it - you can transfer your care laundry workers.

Washing items

In Soviet times the area of ??public services has received considerable attention - all their efforts were given to citizens of the USSRVat construction of communism, without being distracted by household chores. To realize the noble objectives of the liberation of women washing in each regional center were created long washing factory, and each residential district of working-clothes collection points. Washing Factory, which allows you to do all the washing capacity not only to 100,000 people, andrequire laundry service enterprises and institutions - hospitals, restaurants, etc., used by 50 per cent benefits to pay for energy and water. That, in turn, allowed them to serve the population at the lowest rates - in those days to wash a kilo of laundry can be had for 20 cents.

What is the situation today?

Now from the powerful bathing and washing system of Ukraine were only memories - the vast majority of cities in washing factories have disappeared altogether. This led to a rapid rise in prices of energy resources and the emergence of a strong competitor - modern home washing machine. Some cities have remained inBehold the receiving points wash. Accepted bed linen and underwear. The washing process using only quality detergents, besides water in which laundry is washed, previously softened by passing through a special installation. Water softening can reduce the consumption of detergents to 30% and improve the quality of washing, including etapas final rinse of laundry. It is necessary to wash (to include services and ironing) - 2.16 hryvnia per kilogram of laundry.

You can also use the services of a self-service laundry. At your service there are several washing machines, centrifuges and ironing machines.

Private traders

However, the biggest rival of household laundry have private laundress. Financial problems and unemployment of women has led to the fact that many homes were aunts, who, with automatic washing machine, began to provide laundry services for a reasonable fee for the neighbors on the porch. Of course, their activities, they were not widely advertisedcomfort, and therefore do not pay any taxes, allowing them to compete with the officially laundry due to lower than them « Tariff ».

Some washerwomen offer their services through private ads in the newspapers.

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