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Features of tires Goodyear coefficient Grip Performance

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The main advantages of these tires from the company Goodyear: high fuel efficiency, reduced resistance to rolling resistance, wear and tear on the hard pavement, excellent resistance to aquaplaning, low noise, stable exchange rate stability.

Efficient Grip Performance have short braking and grip on power wet road surface.Outstandingly showed itself in different weather conditions and changing roads (including in the highlands). They are equally good in the snow, rain and sun.

The developers of these tires paid particular attention to the reliability of their adhesion to the road surface. So, to ensure that such significant operational ka-operation, equipped with rubber asymmetric directional tread pattern that is created by a 5-position of the longitudinal ribs.

The likelihood of hydroplaning on wet surfaces is minimized by 4 longitudinal drainage channels on the working surface of the tire, which vigorously push excess water.

The reduction in braking distance

In this tire technology was used ACTIVE BRAKING (active braking), which improves the contact of the tire with the road, at the expense of the stopping distance compared with its main competitors should be reduced to two meters (3% - on a dry road, 8% - in the wet). The tire has an A1 category for grip on wet road.

Reduced fuel consumption

According to the developer: in this tire has been achieved excellent results to reduce fuel consumption. In. Features. bus indicated that updated base component manufactured using technology FuelSaving, withodeystvuyuschey reduction in rolling resistance of eighteen percent and lower power dissipation rubber. Taken together, this reduces the cost of the consumer, because the effect on the efficiency of fuel consumption.

The durability and reliability

In these tires Goodyear's technology is applied WEAR CONTROL, hit provides the perfect balance between: excellent adhesion to any road surface, efficiency and durability. This balance was achieved through the use of 2-rubber mixtures.

The top layer of the tire has a high elasticity, which received a special thanks to the use of silicon-containing additives. In the resultsTate, due to the high elasticity of the tread could very tight fit even the smallest bumps on the road surface.

The inner rubber layer has a low thermal conductivity and a large stiffness. As a result, the developers came to reduce the tread wear, directly dependent on the resistance of rubber to heat.

These features allow to improve the coefficient of friction, which is very important on wet roads. A rate increase treadwear additives of silicon.

The increased rigidity of tires leads to the stability of the wheels to deformation and a uniform distribution of pressure across the contact patch area.


For the tire completely unusual for such a thing as an unbalanced wear, from time to time significantly reduces the period of safe use of the tire, so its high price is absolutely justified. And she Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 100% loadable for everyday for any nWeather conditions on our roads.

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