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Dental implants using the prosthesis

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Today, when patients are placingmore demands on aesthetics and reliability dentures. With the advent of new methods and materials in removable prosthetics have the opportunity to meet these requirements. For example, if before some patients refused to manufacture clasp dentures with fixation using clasps for "unsightly" and they needed Manufavlivat prosthesis fixation on atachmenah, it is now possible to produce dentures with clasp frame and clasps made of transparent or the color of the tooth acetal.

Acetal - is a thermoplastic material, which is intended for the manufacture of removable mikroprotezov, clasp frames and clasps.

The benefits of acetal dentures:

  • Significantly lighter than metal;
  • aesthetic appearance;
  • Do not damage the abutments, that is not necessary to cover the abutments crowns;
  • Do not cause an allergic reaction (biocompatible);
  • Fast addictive patient;
  • Easy handling and planting;
  • No metal casting stage.

Clasp prosthesis on atachmenah

Comparative characteristics. For comparison were taken thermoplastic materials of MULTIPRESS, acrylic plastic hot polymerization Villacryl H Plus (acetal, nylon), bezmonomerna acrylic plastic hot polymerization Vitaplex and cobalt-chromium alloy of Heraeus Kulzer. In general, materials from different comnies producing in each of the groups may vary to some extent in terms of, but this difference did not significantly affect their properties. Comparison of selected materials was due to the availability of indicators in the public domain. The ISO is specified for plastics.


It is the ability of a material to absorb liquid. It affects the color and possible odors from food absorption. As you can see in the nylon, this figure is the lowest, but on the totality of the other features, this material is "soft" materials, and is not intended for the production of clasp dentures. Hudshy figure in the « classics » removable prosthetics - acrylic plastic.

Pressure strength

The ability of a material to withstand the grip of the load until it is broken. The highest rate is metal, and it is not surprising, but with metal prosthesis will have moreth weight. lowest in acrylic plastic - so, in the first year of use of acrylic prosthesis frequency of breakdowns is 10-40%.


The ability of a material to react with aggressive chemical compounds and to provide reaction products.

The modulus of elasticity

The value which characterizes the ability of a material to recover its shape at small strains. High modulus of elasticity provides a clear and tight fit acetal clasps to the teeth, and therefore a secure hold of the prosthesis.

Residual monomer

May cause toxic stomatitis oral mucosa obolnky. The technology of manufacturing prostheses acetal monomer is not used.


  • Ease of construction compared to aDesign, which use metal;
  • Prostheses are not toxic and allergic effects, allowing their use in patients with allergic status, diseases of the immune, nervous and endocrine systems, gastrointestinal tract;
  • Enables manufacturingvarious orthopedic designs, and allows us to offer the patient comfortable, aesthetic prostheses with high functionality;
  • Aesthetics (tooth color or transparent) and clasps greater elasticity than metal, to avoid abrasion of the abutment teeth and the need to cover themI crowns, loosening of teeth.

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