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Why do so many choose pension "Cordy?

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Orthodox Pension « » It is one of the bestx in our country. Recently I have personally talked to some employees, and from what they say about this place.

What are the components of caring for your wards?

First, it is health care. Every day, the doctor makes a bypass patients. If necessary, prescribes treatment. Medicines patients receivefree. To do this in our state there is a doctor, a nurse and four younger sisters. Next - food. It is our chetyrehrazovoe. The main composition of the products of which are preparing dishes: pork, butter, fish, chicken, canned fish, cheese, biscuits, sweets, waffles, marshmallows, and others. This takes two chefs and nutritionist. Health regulations: three timesmonth obligatory bath and a change of linen. At the request of water treatment are unlimited. Washing clothes whenever necessary. For this, we machine-gun. And in the state - a washerwoman and sister owner.

How is the adaptation of the elderly people who were here first?

Wards very friendly supporteach other. A common problem unites them. Old-timers attention surrounding the newcomer, calm, they say, how they live. This attitude contributes to the fact that habituation occurs quickly enough. The staff also helps to adapt. An old love to talk. So we listen to their stories. Some of them claim to be a book. Suyakoe hear here. It takes several days, and a new person joins our family.

What is the relationship between the Trust?

This relationship is, indeed, both among members of one family. Constant communication between the patient. They are dividing. As soon as someone will visit and bring something tasty, immediately and peopleovek goes through the wards and all the treats. And so every time. We also create a home environment. We treat them like family, sparing them. You know, the old as children. And we have a bed, where staff planted vegetables. And one can snatch it what he wants. Well, at home.

Continuing the theme, it is worth noting that the situationand the institution is really home. On the floor - a track on the walls - carpets, beds - bright bedspreads, the windows - a nice tulle. But the most important thing in this issue is the human factor, namely the ratio of staff to the elderly. From a conversation with clients, it was clear that the complaints about the employees they have. Towards them they are happy. On the IssuesWasps responded boldly and sincerely. I had the impression that the people working there are kind and sincere. When the maintenance worker (they have and this staff unit) visas grandmother in a wheelchair with a walk, it seemed that he was carrying close to him.


What is the purpose of this article is written? In no case do not perceptuallyNyima is like advertising. With the same Russian mentality, sincerely wish every grandmother and grandfather each hold their old age in a family where they will be provided with a sincere concern for relatives, regardless of their employment. But life - it is life! Anything can happen. And if a man in his old left alone, or native people do not care for it properlyth way, do not need to complicate your life even more. It is necessary to have the courage and trust to employees of the territorial center - a sensitive, responsible and compassionate - and their care and attention will give confidence in the future, as well as the forces of the old woman to the life of each person.

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