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Problems with the spine is forever?

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The spine, as a support and foundation of the whole organism is extremely important and pathology identitye need emergency attention. For this is used as a conservative, and various types of complex operational design methods for restoring the health of the spine.

Features and benefits of the treatment of the spine at the clinic of Dr. Vojta

Center for the treatment of diseases of the spine and back clinic UpKtorov Voigt - multi. It includes orthopedics, trauma and acute beds bone-purulent infection as a result of complications of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It helps patients with injuries and diseases of the spine in different ways. For example, with conservative methods of treatment of spine pathology commonly etc.imenyayutsya medication, physical therapy, methods gomeosiniatrii (or as it is also called, mesotherapy - the introduction of homeopathic medicines in biologically active points).

There is also a technique used paravertebral injection, that is bringing drugs (mainly homeopathy, stimulants and so on. d.) to the sick intervertebral, vertebral joints, epidural technique adgeziolizu as an intermediate option between conservative and operative treatment.

The essence of this method

The essence of this method lies in the fact that the spine is implanted epidural catheter. The operating principle of this procedure is kato, say, grapes (the hernia has about the structure of how the vineyard) under the influence of solar rays produced highlight, due to the fact that the hernia leaves the liquid fraction.

Hernia Surgery

Also, the department carried out a wide range of active surgical methodsin the treatment of injuries and diseases of the spine. We also use a technique transpedicular fixation of the spine when it fractures, spinal instability, displacement. Speaking schematically, the earlier people with a broken vertebra were 3-6 months immediately bedridden. Now patients are after the same fracture after moderconstant operation stand on his feet for a second day. Of course, walking with crutches. But this is fundamentally reduces the cost of treatment of patients - explains the orthopedic trauma chief. Of course, these metal structures are expensive, but if you count the total, the execution of the operation to optimize the healing process so that a person withsevere injury on the second or third day after the operation the way to walk with their feet.

Degenerative-dystrophic lesions of the spine

In the degenerative lesions of the spine (as it is popularly called the "hernia") operation is performed to restore the biomechanics in vertebratesMr. movable segment on the intervertebral disc prosthesis. Just as modern technology allows the dental prosthesis in the number of dentistry since modern high-tech implants allow you to completely restore the biomechanics of intervertebral disc loads, proteziruya them. Also, various techniques are used to stabilize andrrektiruyuschih operations, methods that allow even cure chronic diseases of the spine, which had previously been virtually hopeless.

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