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What products should be in your fridge?

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Maintain a perfect figure- It is not easy and usually requires considerable effort, because have to indulge in goodies and some other products. The owner of the cosmetic center Elena Gorban told how keeping your body in shape, from which food and dishes is her daily diet. So, take a look in the fridge to Mrs. Helena.

- Elena,please tell us, where is your breakfast?

- I usually do not eat breakfast every morning used to drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and lemon. It's a habit, I do not change for the past many years.

- A lunch is usually a?

- I dined usually vegetables, cereals. When I cook for myself, then for MenI taste qualities are less important than the utility of the product. I want to store a maximum of useful food items. I gave up meat for good. However, to their home, I cook it with pleasure.

- What's always in your fridge?

- It is those products that my family loves. For me, must be the fruit,vegetables, cheese, dairy products, seafood, as well as flax seeds, from which I dlayu flour, which, in turn, is an excellent product for cleaning the body. More about this can be found here:.

- What foods are taboo for you?

- For me personally, it is meat, meat products, prepared foods, fatty modairy products, cream, butter, pasta, fast food, potatoes, pastries and salt.

- And why did you decide to give up meat?

- I as a child Meat is not very fond of. With 16 years I do not eat it at all, because they do not like, it's a matter of taste. My diet - a way of life and I decided to give up those products thate, in my opinion, harmful.

- You have a very slim figure, you stuck to a diet?

- No, never. I told them what I want now, not what is written in the diet. I think we need to listen to your body. To feel good about themselves and have a good figure, it is necessary to conduct appropriate lifestyle.

- How to pamper yourself?

- Sometimes I can afford a piece of candy, cheesecake, chocolate. I drink one cup of coffee during the day without sugar.

- What would you recommend to people who want to lose weight?

- If a person has typed extra weight and not feeling comfortable, you must approach the problem comprehensively. Lose wishingnegative on positive emotions. This is the first rule. Also, I believe that we need to eat in a good mood. If you are angry, hurt, it is better not to eat anything because food turns into poison. If a person can not handle himself, it is best to seek the advice of experts. This should be a fitness trainer, a nutritionist and a beautician. One queyou're always a little to maintain good skin. When you lose weight, be sure to need cosmetic procedures.

- And what is your dinner?

- After 18 hours of not eating at all. If you want to lose weight is better not to have dinner after 15. I can vary: baked vegetables, cereal, soup, without salt, salads and seafood.

Elena sure that you must not live to eat, and have to live. Therefore, eat well, and be happy and healthy!

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