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Why is our society tend to thinkthat all models are constantly dieting, is not very intelligent, narcissistic and business model chosen only because it supposedly carefree way to make money. That's a conversation between two people I know, overheard in a taxi, confirms the existence of such stereotypes ...

- He: My girlfriend wonbeauty contest ...
- It: Excellent! Congratulations ... But all of these models - are unhappy, forced to deny yourself all over, constantly sit on diets and hungry eyes look at all the tasty ...

- He: Well, why not? I think it depends on the body.
- She: No, I know! I have dve girlfriend-model. That's when we go to the cafe, I told them everything - and the first and second, and dessert, and they - just salad ... And what is this profession? No prospects. While the young - walking on the catwalk. And then? Units achieve real success, and others, no one knows ...

- It is: They can own agency or a beauty salon or fashion store ?!
- She: And with them, even not talk about ... So I watched on television some program and it said that these models are just looking for a way to catch in some agency, to do nothing, just walk down the runway and run at a photo shoot ...

The conversation was still going on, butI was not listening. I think ... I think about how much effort really need to make models to "catch" a good agency, and how to work to "do nothing" ... I remembered numerous interviews with beautiful models - wise, successful, motivated and self-sufficient ... And I understand - materials about the most spreadennyh myths model of reality will be!

Myth - life models – carefree

What do you think. Cute leggy girl make-up professional makeup artist, a master hairdresser - hair, dressed her stylist or a designer ... It "wriggle" in front of the camera, said a few memorized phrases or videojust walked down the runway, and it does not wear Michael Kors, Alexander Wang and Jimmy Choo - nothing serious, responsible and difficult, and it is also for the money paid!

How indeed?

In order to model invited to take part in the show, become the face of some company, to be photographed for the magazine,it is often necessary to go through more than a dozen castings, photo - and videoproby prepare a decent portfolio (find a photographer, consider the image, bring this image to work in front of the camera for hours -poltora ... and these photo sessions, I note must be at least seven -Eight ... and the services of a good photographer, I remind you now are not cheap as convugi professional makeup artist, hairdresser, stylist), and most importantly - always be in the form of (the mother well-groomed body, beautiful hair, healthy skin, radiant smile, beautiful manicure, and light tan). To do this, you need to constantly work on yourself, engage in sports, catwalk skills to grind, in time to make the necessary cosmetic procedures go to aolyary ... Of course, this pleasant chores.

But the "try on" the way of life a model, and you'll understand: to look beautiful in the morning until late at night - hard work.

Myth - really successful and well-known models are unit

With all the weight of the girls who walk the catwalk, insaneI glory come to only one, to a maximum of two or three. The rest - will remain "faceless army", which after a short modeling career will go look for another place in society ...

How indeed?

To some extent, so it is: only a few - the most persistent, active, ambitsioznye, purposeful (or those who are just very lucky) - become celebrities in this area. But it is natural! There is not a profession where success and became known everything. And in politics, in business and in medicine has its "stars", and those whose names nobody knows (by the way, no less good professionals ...). That is whyeach "podium" Beauty is not only engaged in the development of its modeling career, but the graduates to not only fame, but also to secure a worthy place in society.


Of course, there are many myths about the various models and their way of life ... and articles can be extendedharvesting, perhaps indefinitely. But it is necessary always to remember that everything in this world does not depend on occupation or education, or even on the circumstances, but only by the man himself!

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