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From the womb of the mother - to pool

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People are now more health conscious. And their, and their children. Therefore, in particular, and more likely to attend swimming pools. So say the managers of sports facilities, which provide such services. Accordingly, the number of pools is increasing annually. Now in Moscow there are some tens. Part - in schools, in particular schools or at universities, the rest in private health centers.


Instructor of physical education graduate teaches swimming to children from the age of three

If private pools can be visited at any time of the day, then, for example, in sport schools of the third-party will allow you to swim only when your classes are over the students of these institutions, i.e. in the evening. Differ and the prices for such services. An hour in the pool the institution is 60-75 rubles, and a subscription - 600-750 rubles for twelve visits. In private pools are more expensive: 90-110 rubles per hour, and 1000 - 1200 rubles for a subscription. However, for this price the visitor can use the Jacuzzi or sauna. In private pools and offer unlimited subscription, purchasing which a person can access the pool anytime during the month. Such service is 1300 - 1500 rubles. For regular visitors, but also for families there are discounts.

"Each of our pool visit, on average, 150 people, not counting students studying in our University", - says the Director of a sports complex MEGA Nikolay Kostyuk. There are about forty residents of Moscow, floating regularly - two or three times a week. Many people begin their working day sailing. These people come to us at eight in the morning, and at nine I go to work. Our regular visitors are and one pair of pensioners who swim three times a week and always in the morning. Among those who come to learn to swim, mostly children from the age of six or female 25 - 30 years. Working with them instructor, for which people pay extra for 15 rubles.

Some young parents wish to teach their children immediately after their birth. Almost the first in the city to practice the so-called physical education graduate started on the basis of DYUSSH No. 3. Here private instructor rents a lane to practice with children from three months to three years. Part in this be sure to take and their mothers.

"at First we invited the instructor's home, to show what exercises should be done with the child in the bathroom, in particular, how to teach a newborn baby to hold breath in water. As far as I know, to teach this need to be three months old. Because until then, the newborn reflexes are stored, because in the womb the fetus is in the water," says Eugenia, mother of two Alexandra.

"When she was ten months old, we went to school in a pool of DYUSSH No. 3. The child was prepared ​​for classes in water, so no problems arose. Now in our group are children who began to visit the pool in two years. These children adapt longer. During the class my daughter already is good at jumping into water from the edge and maybe a few seconds to swim on their own, and then I catch it up" - Eugene finishes.


Who should not use pool

Swimming is the best way to maintain a healthy spine, doctors claim. However, in this species of improvement has and contraindications. "You can swim for any disease of the musculoskeletal system. However, there are diseases of other organs, in which the physician will provide ", - says the doctor-physiotherapist, city hospital, Eugenia Smirnova. "It's angina, hypertension III degree, atherosclerosis, occurring with severe damage to blood vessels of heart and brain, cardio-vascular diseases with poor circulation of II-III degree, inflammation of the lymph nodes, any infectious disease or diseases of the skin and the like. You should not use the pool and people with ENT diseases or those who often have respiratory infections. Because the person may not dry off and catch a cold, so the disease has only become more difficult", concludes Mrs. Smirnova.

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