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How old an just to maintain immunity of children during colds?

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In the treatment and prevention of a greater number of colds the main role is played by the immune system. We worry and worry about their children, who begin to cough, sneeze, snot appear and the temperature rises. Remember last spring and fall months and with horror I hope that this time the child will not get sick. Unfortunately, one hundred percent guarantee that the disease will bypass You and Your family - nobody will. But, as was said in one workshop by experienced children's pediatrician Joseph siladi, consultant medical portal : “Worry and take care of your immune system, and it'll keep You from diseases".


Tips on how best to support children's immune system:

  1. Ventilate your house as often as possible. The fresh air will saturate your body with oxygen, which is required for 24 hours per day;
  2. Regulates daily at least 2-4 hours. Contraindications for walks only in the bitter cold, and when it rains and there are puddles - nothing wrong, baby from the walk will be good appetite and healthy sleep
  3. Mode. It is necessary to observe necessarily and the main thing - not to be lazy. To make a child skip meals, walked before and after dinner, went to bed on a schedule. With this lifestyle there is a complete lack of stress from constant changes in your schedule;
  4. “No!" - excessive food. Don't let Your child overeat, especially at night;
  5. Fizi?nyh activity. Of course, children don't need to do the Olympic champion. Normal driving on a scooter or outdoor games in the yard should suffice. As they say in the famous proverb: «In a healthy body - healthy mind";
  6. Water treatments. Let Your child washes in the morning when, at the same time, wiped off with a wet towel. It is considered as a subspecies of the child hardening;
  7. Calm. Mom's stress and quarrels in the family affect the child's nervous system, which is directly related to the immune system;
  8. Unnecessary load. Remove from the child all mobile phones, pads AI, AI backgrounds, etc. the child Likes to watch cartoons - so he can watch but not more than 2 hours a day. Don't need it all somewhere played on the phone or sat in front of the computer and bombed enemy tanks;
  9. Healthy
  10. Golden mean. Make sure that the child was always dressed warmly. But don't wear him ten woolen jackets. Look for always "middle ground".

And finally, I would like to say one thing: "Be attentive and loving to their child, and then don't need the hassle of health held their own!"

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