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Advantages of treatment in Israel

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Medicine of Israel has an excellent reputation, and is one of the best in the whole world. Statistics show (and the numbers don't lie), the duration of life of the inhabitants of Israel — 1-the highest in the world. Also, Israel leads in such important indicators as the survival rate of oncological patients. The health of Israel's well-staffed with highly skilled professionals and uses the latest scientific and technical developments. Patients from all over the world prefer to come to the diagnosis and treatment to the Promised Land. Among medical centers in Israel can be noted: "Herzliya", "Leading", "", "Nara", "Ramat Aviv", "Sheba", "Asaf-ha-Rofe", "Belinson", "Ichilov".

In the clinics of the country are continuously being studied and introduced the newest methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases and improving old. Israeli medicine can be proud of the introduction:

  • technology orthopaedic prosthetics;
  • minimally invasive surgery
  • the original method of cancer therapy and diagnosis.

Today, Israeli doctors are treating almost all disease of the heart and blood vessels, as a huge success they have achieved in the areas of ophthalmology and neurosurgery. Israel is a leader in prenatal diagnostics and treatment of infertility and gynecological diseases. Today, Israeli medics are trained in the best medical Universities of the world, undergo training in the leading clinics of the West, participate in international research. In Israel there are at least 4 medical educational and research centres of world level (medical school of tel Aviv University, health centre University Ben-Gurion University, medical school, Hebrew University, Technion midtacular). Also in Israel there are 7 major outpatient centers.

Made in Israel medical equipment used in clinics around the world. It: high-quality surgical lasers, MRI, ultrasound scanners, nuclear cameras, etc. modern medical equipment.

Medical services in Israel are much cheaper than in medical facilities in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Also another advantage of Israeli medicine is the individual approach to treatment, the possibility of carrying out in the shortest possible time consultation and expert advice, quality service, excellent conditions for rehabilitation, openness to patients from around the world.

Year after year, Israel is visited by more foreign visitors with the aim of undergo diagnostic examination, treatment and rehabilitation procedures. Also, patients of the Israeli clinics have a unique opportunity to explore the historic sights, touch to religious sites, famous resorts.

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