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Slags and their impact on the body

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As reported by portal : as a result of metabolic processes in the human body naturally formed the final products of vital activity, which we simply called "slags". So there is a pattern: the more active the lifestyle the person leads, the more slag is formed. This means that the cleansing of the body will have to pay more attention. If the slags, as their education will not leave in a timely manner, then the person razminutsya various diseases. And what exactly will depend on where a particular person is genetically weak.

homeopathic Doctors say that the disease is a kind of game toxins. And if you know how to clean your body and will be engaged in prevention, then you remain healthy. But when "slag" will be playing in your body, you will be forced to be treated from time to time:

  • some people at a younger biological age (not to be confused with your age stated in the passport - it often much less) with the accumulation in the blood stream of toxins begin anemia, problems with autonomic neuropathy, thrombocytopenia;
  • while others will experience psoriasis, acne, neurodermatitis;
  • third — headache or specific the loss of hair on the head indicate poor quality of blood that flows to them;
  • In the fourth they appear salt diathesis, regular exacerbation of chronic prostatitis or cystitis, urolithiasis.

Why you should not clean your body enema

There are many ways of cleaning the body of toxins. Well, if your body will start to clean the intestines. However in such a case, often, try to do a fixing means. Here, if you do not want to become hostage to this situation, then you need in real time, systematically and correctly to cleanse the body. And you should start with the digestive system. Here you can easily combine colon cleansing with a proper diet.

The easiest method of cleansing the bowel, it would seem, is enema. Often called a purgative enema. The truth is best so enema helps only when the constipation is not possible to resolve in another way. A series of cleansing enemas should appoint only the doctor on the strict medpagetoday. And you have to hold her under his control, otherwise you will breach the intestinal flora and you have to treat goiter. Therefore, colon cleansing enema - this is more direct help.

The detox enema is not critical, because with it you can clean only the colon. And here are the main processes of digestion and cleanse the body occurs in the small intestine. And if from the small intestine into the blood is absorbed 10-15 liters, thick - 200-400 ml. However, the difference is significant?

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