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What are floor covering

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on the market Today, you can find a huge amount of floor coatings, which are used for flooring in offices, houses, apartments and other establishments. And all the time a list of floor coverings updated with new exhibits, which, in turn, are surprised by its properties.


Classification of floor coverings

  • the Board;
  • hardboard
  • ceramic tiles
  • laminate
  • parquet
  • stone slab (granite, marble);
  • carpeting
  • screeds
  • the linoleum.


Under the Board often involve decking, made of wood. Same sex attracted pleasant to the touch surface and noble texture. The Board quality is not inferior to the parquet, and on its performance characteristics is not inferior to the laminate. Another advantage of the Board is its resistance to deformation. Disadvantages: requires a floor coating with protective coatings and special care, it is more susceptible to moisture.


Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles will be the best choice for areas where there is always high humidity and high permeability (kitchen, bathroom, toilet, corridor). Ceramic tiles presented in a wide variety of textures, colors, sizes and patterns. Its popularity is due to the fact that the tile is not afraid of the effects of detergents and temperature changes. Disadvantages: the tile is brittle, hard and cold, and falling heavy objects may crack.



It is also called simulator parquet. Externally, the laminate really looks like a parquet floor, but it's 2 Islands is quite different. Laminate flooring is an artificial flooring made from HDF molded plate and bears on its surface a protective and decorative polymeric film layer. Its texture can simulate: marble, any wood, paintings and patterns. Dostoinstva: easy care, abrasion resistance, easy installation. The life of the laminate can reach 10 - 15 years. Disadvantages, such as that of the laminate not, but if you will be able to detect them, they arise as a consequence of incorrect installation and incorrect selection of the class.



today, the flooring made of 3 kinds: a massive Board, parquet Board and piece elements. Its main advantage — it's durability and eco-friendliness. Working layer parquet Board is a couple mm, so it can be planed many times, thereby renewing the surface. Disadvantages of a whimsicality to moisture and high costs. It also cannot be used in the system of "warm floor".


Stone flooring

Marble, granite, natural stone is not as popular as the previous floor coverings and the 2-ve reasons: high price, the floor out cold. Often these floors are installed in: the kitchen, bathroom, hallway. Advantages: these floors are resistant to aggressive media, temperature extremes, mechanical stress and moisture.



Carpet is one of the most popular floor coverings today. There is a huge variety of textures and colors. This flooring provides warmth and a comfortable walk your feet even in cold winter. The main advantage of carpet is that it has very good sound quality. But the carpet is very capricious coating that constantly requires cleaning, special care, and even cleaning. Carpet made from artificial materials and natural.



epoxy flooring is probably the newest type of flooring. This polymer, which in finished form is a semi-liquid mixture, which, in turn, pour various bases, level and in the end get a seamless, smooth surface (you could say perfect) and she's left alone to congeal. Advantages: longevity (several decades), waterproof, does not support the activity of bacteria, can withstand chemical exposure. Disadvantages: these floors require time-consuming work on the preparation of the base. Under direct sunlight the floor can become yellow. Although sex itself can "pour" for a short time, but after that, you have to wait until it dries.



the Most common flooring is not laminate flooring and ceramic tile, and of course the linoleum. He is the most versatile type of flooring that you can use everywhere. The texture of the linoleum can be imitation: ceramic tile, parquet, wood, stone, patterned surface, or just be plain. Pros: linoleum is low maintenance (just 1 time a year its grate Polish and from time to time be washed by water). Laying linoleum without facing any special requirements for the basis and does not take much time. And he has a very affordable price.

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