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Personal medical records

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If you got a job, which is associated with: manufactured goods, food, water, or school, nursery, hospital - you definitely will have to issue a medical book.


What is a medical record card? 

This is the most important document teachers, hairdressers, salespeople, health care workers, cooks, indicating no hazardous and contagious disease. To issue medknizhku, you need to pass tests and undergo a medical examination.

Before the official medknizhku could be issued only in the SES. But today, such services provide many of the medical centers of the country. For example, in St. Petersburg the personal medical record card can be done in a Single medical center: .


What to do if you have no time running around the different agencies and waiting in queues?

Knowing that today we all have very little time and absolutely no desire to stand in line to see a doctor, and collect the necessary information and paper, a Unified medical center offers you the to issue medknizhku in operational mode.

Since 2012, the regulatory agencies have tightened requirements for the health of people who need the medical. The latter, in turn, has risen in price, because the list of tests and examinations has been expanded. Making medknizhku you need to pay attention to the presence of the desired points, namely:

  • certificate that contains information about immunizations or a certificate of vaccination;
  • the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Photo (3 x 4).

Making medknizhku in a Single medical center you save your time, because sampling and inspections will take you no more than 40 minutes, also you don't have to stand in line.


And so, let's summarize what you need in order to receive a medical record card?

You need to pay the cost of its registration, to have a medical and pass the necessary tests.

Real (received after examination in a medical facility, not purchased from the hands) the medical record card is your peace of mind and confirmation of health. Few would argue with the fact that we did not pass regular medical examinations. If you make out a medical book, after all the tests - you corresponding sure that you have no dangerous infectious diseases!

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