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What do we know about the company Oriflame?

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Today we talk about why women and men from all over the world are choosing products company Oriflame. Everyone is interested to know: what is still the company attracts new customers and keeping the old? Its main advantages?




  1. "Natural Swedish Cosmetics" is an innovative unique products that combines the best technology and the power of nature, and help you look;
  2. In the industry the company Oriflame has been a pioneer in numerous countries;
  3. having Worked in the beauty industry for more than 45 years, Oriflame has shown that is a brand you can trust 100 %;
  4. In its Arsenal, Oriflame has a large number of excellent products;
  5. the Products the company operates in more than 65 countries
  6. the company employs more than 3 million consultants (in Russia around 1 million, by the Way, you can visit:;
  7. the Company produces about 1 thousand units. Absolutely all products contain only natural ingredients, not tested on animals and it is produced using the latest technologies;
  8. Annual turnover is AboutWHO EUR 1.5 billion;
  9. the company Oriflame has 5 factories (in India, Poland, China, Sweden, Russia)
  10. Oriflame is a co-founder of the International children's Fund under the leadership of the Swedish Queen Silvia.

product Development

Experience in Oriflame cosmetics -  over 45 years. The company uses only the finest natural ingredients, and the finished products are manufactured with the latest scientific research. The accumulated experience and knowledge gathered research team, located in Stockholm (Sweden) and Dublin (Ireland).

study site Personnel Oriflame are more than 100 technical experts and scientists of the following disciplines: clinical trials research skin, process development, Microbiology, packaging technology, toxicology, patent support, ecology and law.

So in Dublin focus on new product development. Researchers have come up with a recipe and conduct clinical testing of innovative flavor (personal care product for skin care), in addition to this is also technical support in the field of industrialization and product safety. Often, it's short and medium - term projects (1 - 3 years).

And in Stockholm, researchers are working to create unique technologies, in the 1st turn, they study the impact of various components on human skin. This includes biological research on a cellular level that take a longer period of time (3 to 7 years).

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