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Is it possible to have a rest in Crimea? If so, how?

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Many people in the summer go on vacation to different places of the world. But by far the most popular is the Crimea, where you can find combinations of all kinds of travelers. Recently I met my good friends Alexander and Oleg who told me how they vacationed this summer. So, let's find out what Alexander was doing in Crimea.


And Alexander began his story...

After the end of the school year I went to a sports camp in Yalta. Every morning we do exercises, run, push, jump and perform many different exercises. Came to us to compete against students from other cities, we also went to the competitions in them. Went to the beach, swam, sunbathed and spent water competitions. And in the evening went to the city to the waterfront. In that camp I spent ten days, and I liked it very much. After that I went to sanatorium Helios in Evpatoria. By the way, watch this and other sanatoriums of the Crimea on the website: . I've been there twice so all I know, even friends came too. And in August my mom and dad went to Koktebel where guests celebrated the birthday of my mom. First went to the water Park, and then to the Dolphinarium. The next evening we met a family meal and began to take photos. There were many interesting sea trip, huge and amazing cliffs, and just fresh air.

After that story I was pleasantly surprised, because not so many people talk about their vacations in the Crimea. Some very unhappy. But when I heard the story and even his friend Oleg, the doubts I left. I will go next summer in the Crimea!!! Why? Learn and you.


is the Story of Oleg

Summer holidays I spent in Crimea. Here, in the Crimea, all go to treatment and rest, and I live here. The holidays were very fun and interesting: my friends and family went to Rocky S. the lake, which name is "Blue lagoon". We have been there a few times. This lake appeared a very interesting way. This place was formerly a quarry. Then the workers broke through the hole and out poured water. In two years the quarry was filled with water. The first time I came, I really enjoyed it. In the middle of summer, I went racing. This happened in "Black stone". On the race cars stayed in the mud and puddles, and motorcyclists in General, performed various tricks. They rode the motorbike over obstacles and jumping from ramps. I saw the guys behind the wheel who was only 5 years old. They went on motorcycles. I would like to include in the summer and 5 of September, because on this day were the tractor races and I also attended. It was very interesting. I liked my vacation, and I think they are the best!

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