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How to properly wash your hair: tips experts

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Many women grooming hair and have no idea that even simple shampooing can damage. Therefore, Internet shop of professional cosmetics offers recommendations that will help you maintain the beauty and health of your hair. Procedure directly wash female head is important for the appearance and normal state it is hair, but if you do not follow the recommendations of experts, you can only hurt yourself.

We have collected several recommendations that will teach you how to properly care for your hair:

  • Wash your hair at least every day, as long as funds for this purpose were soft and modern. Recently became more popular this idea: "the less you wash your hair, they will be healthier". It is not true! The fact that some days your hair is dirty and appears durable film of fat, which is secreted by the scalp and the adhered dust. Its composition usually includes a lot of toxic substances. At night they moved from hair on the pillow, and of course what fall on your face or body that may be hazardous to your health. The best frequency of shampooing - after 1-2 days, the maximum is 4;
  • Before you start to wash your hair you need to comb it, to make it less confused;
  • Beauticians recommend wash your hair only with lukewarm water because hot water is, in turn, evokes the work of sebaceous glands, because of this your hair quickly garnaut;
  • For washing try to keep the motion circular in nature, but do not use nails, make some lords of shampoo. After you finish, rinse the hair thoroughly, it is important to remember this rule: rinse the hair need to spend a lot longer than just the process of washing your hair with shampoo;
  • Wipe wet hair only recommend a warm towel, and then let them thoroughly air dry. Use a hair dryer is not recommended, because it is very dry hair.

Only properly washing your head, you will be able to make your hair more healthy and beautiful.

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