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The sets are different. What to choose?

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one of us love to eat? The question of course is rhetorical, of course all love it. There are 3 common meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Probably for most people the most filling of them is lunch. A delicious lunch will satisfy your hunger and give you strength for the day, but if that lunch takes place at the table that served refined a sophisticated set (for example, of porcelain), the meal turns into a real ritual. But how often is such an aesthetic feast at our table?

If you ever had to lay the table for dinner business nature, to a celebration or a simple meeting (this could be done and not all the rules of etiquette, but just in one style), it is likely that you have seen that it is far from easy. All: the shape of the glasses, the texture and color of the tablecloth, the pattern on the napkins should be in harmony and should complement each other. And selection all the details here as important as in the suit. Because, it is with the 1st glance the overall impression is important, so that your Desk was flawless as your face.

Today it is very rare to see that the family served to your table, so that it were: butter dish, tureen, milk jug and generally high quality dishes. However, more recently, laying the table according to the rules of table etiquette was the norm, just like the cooking. Now most people eat, and especially not thinking about the quality and culture of this process, they do it as they dictate the social environment, modern lifestyle, habits and environment.

a Lot of people every day are not a full set, and the usual simple dishes – different in color, quality, brands and design, acquired by chance, that is what got. You would ask This question is because:

  1. the service associated with many people celebrations and holidays. Often, such events are buying crockery for 12 persons. This ware, often gathering dust in the cupboard waiting for its time, and is used daily by something simple and variegated;
  2. most people simply do not even know how and what to choose set. Cookware for the holidays – that's great, but everyday should be not worse. Why not treat yourself and enjoy quality service on a daily basis. By the way, buy a quality service we can in the online store: .

What services?

the Sets are:

  • dining rooms
  • dessert
  • coffee
  • tea.

In dessert sets for 6 persons includes: six dessert plates and 1 large cake plate. Also included can be the spatula for cake, elephant or whatnot for fruit;

dinner sets for 6 persons includes 24 - 35 items (on 6 PCs shallow, deep, small cafes snack bars and plates). The rest, all in the service for 12 persons;

dinner sets for 12 people includes 68 objects (2 oval dishes, 12 PCs. deep, shallow, snack bars and small cafes plates, salad bowl, 2 seledochnitsy, tureen, gravy boat shape to horseradish, salt, goricica, pepper pot, jug for juice, and 2 round dishes of different sizes).

tea sets for 6 people is 14 - 20 items (vase for candies, a tea pot, 6 cups with saucers, sugar bowl, milk jug, butter dish, dessert plate).

tea sets for 6 people included 54 subjects (12 PCs sockets for jam, dessert plates, cups with saucers, teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, form, cream, dessert plate, plate, a slop basin and oiler).

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