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Where you can learn the art of massage

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Many people simply love massages - agree is not even bad when someone jorasanko you "get hurt". But not everyone knows how to do this massage. However today you can easily buy and it will do everything itself and does not need anyone to pay. But today we still talk about good old hand massage. We will focus on human health, and particularly about courses of massages for the past three years working in Moscow, preparing qualified specialists. And will help me in this razobratsya Maria Polishchuk is the founder of these courses.

- Mrs. Maria, I know from personal experience that many people love a massage, but it is extremely important to do it correctly. Your courses are functioning in Moscow for three years. Tell us, how did the idea for holding them?
- Indeed, in November it will be three years since then, as we started in Moscow massage courses. But if to speak about the idea, it arose very long ago. I have been doing massage since 1994, I have 20 years of experience. From the beginning I wanted to make massage efficiently. And two of my teachers, I remember, said that supposedly all doing the same massage and have nowhere to send the patient with neurological or other serious illnesses. I already wondered, why people say that. Later realized that massage is basically doing under the classical scheme, using a limited number of certain techniques. But with serious illness it does not always produce a sufficient effect.

- And on your course you consider these features?
- Yes, that's why when I developed the course, I decided that it must be complete: you cannot teach a person to massage efficiently and effectively, when he will only know certain techniques or have a massage technique only parts of the body. Therefore, in our courses and provides medical massage. Of course, not all have the right to do it, because it needs to have a medical degree, but even the man who makes hygienic massage, must take into account certain characteristics of the patient that we study - for example, chronic illness. Draw your attention of our students to a variety of diseases, on the condition of the muscles and want to not even the doctors knew the basics of medicine understand the anatomy and physiology of man.

- Often people are afraid to visit a massage therapist if you are not sure in his skills. Because it is clear that certain movements can not only improve, but also, perhaps, do not good...
- Such cases exist, it is true. And this is usually due to the fact, that the therapist does not want to deepen their knowledge.

- But if we are talking about your students, then this is what the target audience is: graduates of medical schools, colleges, or older people?
- the Students were different: ranging from 16 to almost 60, after all never too late to learn. As for professions, it is the students or graduates of the medical College, there are alumni and students of the Department of physical rehabilitation, who come to improve their knowledge. But interestingly, we were also carpenters, and cooks, and bakers. One was even the head of counterintelligence of the Western region. Each goes to courses for different purposes: some want to learn how to efficiently give a massage for myself and others to do this professionally.

- How is the learning process?
- Practice occupies almost 90 percent of the time. Pure theory considers only the first two classes. Already with the third we begin to work with your hands. Work within two months. By the way, the last lecture in our courses - "Basics of entrepreneurship". Talking in particular about the fact that there are activities that allow you to do any massage, in addition to treatment, not having medical education. After all, we want to make our graduates not only good professionals, but also people who can realize themselves in professional terms.

- How many people usually learn in a group?
- the Smallest set we had four people and the largest seventeen. Large groups we do not make, because I want to control the movement of students to continuously monitor how each of them learns to pay attention to each. Everything to ensure that students received the necessary knowledge and practical skills. During the learning process I teach to how to work with a massage, taught also to hygiene, this is very important. And of course, we focus on patient safety. Massage, if used correctly, is safe.

- Mrs. Maria, and if we talk about purely human side of this issue: it is not difficult You, as a woman, to do massage, because it needs to have power in your hands? And yet, interestingly, the manicure You probably don't start - it is not accepted?
- Honestly, what about the power in your hands and that should be a powerful person to do the massage half hour, an hour is more of the stereotypes. It all depends, first of all, from the techniques. During training we focus on how to keep your hands what muscles are acting when performing a appointment. It is also important to keep your legs, because girls often love to cross my legs, and that is to work hard, because gives extra load. Nails - this is a separate issue, I can get only twice a year - during summer vacation and winter vacation. And the third lesson I and all the disciples come without the long nails, because otherwise the techniques of massage will not be performed properly and it can injure the patient. Need to think of manicured nails, but not long.

- When do you plan to conduct a new set?
- Training will start on 16 September, some of the deals currently signed. The student has the option to specify time when it is more convenient to study: daytime ​​or in the evening. Usually, those who studies or works, choose evening courses, and those who are on maternity leave or just have free time in the afternoon, I study at the first morning shift.

- But if the man in September you can't get on courses, but the desire to learn how to do a professional massage really is?
- during the year, we conduct five sets: four during the academic year and one summer. In the summer we learn a month and a half more intensely, as well as usual - two months, three times a week.

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