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Interior - the face of your office and home

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We always hurry home from work full of desires and hopes for a good evening spent together with your loved one, say, in front of the fireplace. A glass of wine, candles, and such a pleasant feeling from touching soft and comfortable furniture, sitting on which is not or forget about everything. Especially if it is made by hand...

Selection of furniture in the cabin is very diverse, you can order any models for different tastes. So do not lose your chance to fill your home with elegance and sophistication provided by this furniture.

when Ordering furniture, the buyer is not only attached to the interior, but also has in-depth recommendations. You can order furniture for home and office, refitted kitchen, choose a couch with your taste.

If we talk about the soft parts, the first question that necessarily put the customer this: "What is the main purpose of furniture?". A sofa on which to sleep plan will differ from guest option, corner Cabinet and living room have their own characteristics. In accordance with the purpose of is calculated from the amount is chosen inside filling, upholstery, accessories. It is important not only to calculate the parameters, choose fabric to taste, but also to determine stylistic design soft parts.

classical interior better image Italian model, please visit: . They are handmade, fairly complex configuration. The use of wood carving offers special delights and unusual design, according to which the wooden part of the proceeds in a circle, making them really exclusive in a global market there are almost no analogues. For supporters of minimalism is better to choose a concise corners of the square shape. They are suitable for apartment and office. Although your office furniture requirements: if you choose furniture Executive class, then it must be leather. Mid - machinery can be expensive leather. Better to design such furniture was made ​​of high quality plywood, highly resilient polyurethane foam. Design for offices Desk often choose the style: sofa and armchairs dark green, brown, or beige, Bordeaux. It all depends on the interior and taste of the customer.

the Kitchen is also better to make to order. It's not every ready set will fit into the specific room. Many customers are able to choose your option, specifying a specific size, appearance, placement of cabinets, drawers, shelves, filling them. Furniture mostly manufactured from laminated chipboard and MDF, but facades can be made of natural wood, aluminium, glass. Solid MDF framework, with inserts.

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