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Wheelchair with a conventional electric

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Rocket - new rowsAulnay generation of wheelchairs themselves a good motor, which offer a wide spectrum of elementary modular solutions and a lot of configuration options. Rocket quickly and easily adjusted and individually regulated under fairly simple features user preferences by changing the normal width and depth of the seat, and shekzhe simple change height armrests and backrest stroller.

  Dolly Rocket quite distinguished in the market is very much due to the unique features of the elementary angular position, versatility and design. Special refined aluminum frame and very good with the Innovation Systemvetodiodnogo lighting often makes the stroller modern and attractive.

At the rear-wheel drive. Removable footrests quite simply adjustable in height. There is the option of changing the angle of inclination of the truck. There is strong enough belt, is also quite simply adjusts the width and not less important seat depth,pillows that can be removed, a cover that can be easily washed, backrest, which has its own individual adjustment of tilt and some elasticity, armrests, they, too, can be adjusted to a comfortable for a person, front and rear lighting system has indicators, excellent quality is also   charger that embedded.

Enough functional variant, easy to use, practical, I think that many people liked it very much and will appeal.

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