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The problem of chronic inflammatory diseases

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The problem of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases (HZZK) In recent years, becoming more and more medical social values ??as around the world, and in Ukraine, due to a significant increase in morbidity, mortality and economic losses (NV Kharchenko, 2005; WJ Sandborn, 2004). According to the WHO Expert Committee incidence of Crohn's disease (CD) in Europe over the last ten years exprOS 5 times, the number of patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) increased to 1% of the adult population (DK Bonen, 2003; EV Loffus; 2004).

HZZK begin in young and middle age, and are among the most severe diseases of the digestive tract. Diagnostic errors, untimely and inadequate treatment leads to an increase inthe number of patients with severe, extended forms, systemic manifestations, causes long-term disability, disability and even death of patients. With the progression of HZZK life-threatening complications occur in 29% of patients with ulcerative colitis and in 70% of patients with HC (AA Belousov, 2002; Sh.B. Tagaev 2005; T. Orchard, 2005).

Diagnosis HZZK is a complex medical problem. Only 62% of patients with HC diagnosis is established within a week after treatment to the doctor. In 15% of patients with HC initially diagnosed with CPP, 18% - diseases of other organs and systems (G. Adler, 2001, 2005; GNJ Tytgat, 2005). Each patient performed differential diagnosis between NPK and HC, 10% cposterezhen define nosological form is almost impossible. Meanwhile in the forecast, treatment tactics UC and HC, there are fundamental differences that distinguish these diseases require (AE Golovenko et al., 2003; TR Koch, 2002; RH Riddel, 2005), which makes the relevance of studying the characteristics of manifestation and flow nosological fORM HZZK with the release of their most common manifestations. So for the treatment of gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases using:, chamomile, ginseng, St. John's wort, and so on. D.

A common option is a long course HZZK recurrence, so problematic issue is the timely diagnosis of exacerbations AEsK and BK. So far, the definition of an exacerbation HZZK on the basis of analysis of phenotypic traits. Clinical indices for characterizing the proposed inflammatory activity based primarily on an evaluation of the health of patients, because of what can not be regarded as objective (L. Biancone et al., 2002; DA Drossman, 2004). Andso informative search criteria indicating disease activity and helped in identifying acute UC and HC, is relevant.

Despite the large number of scientific studies remain unclear etiology and pathogenesis of many other questions NPK and HC. Disease characterized by a complex pathogenesis, therefore leading IUmechanism of formation of NPK and HC may differ significantly? and determination of these pathogenetic features will improve the diagnosis of clinical entities HZZK.

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