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Cancer progresses

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Each of the 80 residents of Rivne cancer patient, while last year the figure was less sinister. The incidence is increasing every year - doctors claim the regional oncologic dispensary.


Negative statistics

Discussing the problem of cancer, chief doctor of Oncology center presented some statistical data. It turns out that Rivne is not the last place (though not first) for incidence. Now on the account is 15 000 patients. However, this is not an exact figure. First place in the field is breast cancer, followed by cancer of the stomach and rectum. Many try to be treated in Ukraine, but abroad the effectiveness of treatment is much higher, so ultimately patients are going to treat cancer of the rectum and stomach in Israel .


is it Possible to cure cancer?

Experts say that cancer is a chronic disease. And the result depends on when the person starts to be treated. Doctors guarantee the full recovery of the patient, if the cancer is detected at an early stage. Detection of the disease in the second stage gives only 58 percent of the guarantees, the third is only 35, but on fourth to say no. And the cost of treatment depends on the stage of the disease. The sooner cancer is found - the cheaper treatment. However, doctors desperately ascertain that people turn only "when pressed". Usually in such cases it is difficult to help.

In developed countries, this problem was solved through the insurance system. If a patient asks at an early stage of any disease, the treatment costs him almost nothing (due to insurance). If he ran the disease, his wallet is able to significantly lose weight. Therefore, most foreigners identify the disease at an early stage.


Treatment traditional healers: Yes or to say no?

Often the reason for late treatment is "treatment" the quacks. Head of the Department of breast tumors Peter Yakimchuk gave the example:

- Discover the woman has a malignant tumor, we have successfully operated. After some time, she had a tumor in the other gland. But instead turn to professionals, the patient started to "cure" the witch doctor-neighbor. Nine months later, when she came to us to do something was impossible.

Mr. Yakymchuk also addressed the issue of the treatment process. The majority of cancer patients are afraid to hear this name. Therefore, in the clinic the voluntary organization "poplar", which includes operated by a woman before. They help current patients overcome fear, believe in themselves.

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