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The best software to create cool music

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Each of us in his life tried to play music, while using different materials that have the look of a table, bottles, or even spoons, or sang a song entirely fictional. But if we thought about that, maybe in our head can create a new original hit? The authors Crazy Frog and “Oh, God, what a man" -  sure about this thought more than once. It is quite possible to think and wonder…  But, whatever happened, to make music every person. It is enough to have in a home PC and need for this program. What? – you may Ask. And that's about it today, we'll talk about it. By the way, read more details about this AT here: .


SunVox is a program to create music that brings many joys to the variety of effects that support good import and export tracks in various formats (including WAV, MOD, XM). With all this, the program contains the MIDI standard and can be integrated with a keyboard synthesizer. Interface SunVox is properly heaped up and convenient to use at any time. The user is given the chance to complement the menu is varied plugins as a VSTi. Therefore, the possibility of bend are unlimited it is in practice.



Virtual Studio Cubase you can find on computers that belong to professional arrangers, sound engineers or musicians. This all fits IN to create a quality and quite good composition. In fact, Cubase is a multitrack audio editor sound, which gives the ability to provide audio - and MIDI-tracks, to select and edit brief notes, and most importantly – gives support for a considerable number of formats.


Fruity Loops Studio

Fruity Loops Studio is a program for creating music on the computer in the home. Known fact – the name of this program was borrowed from the famous hero of the movie "Hackers” — Fruity Loops. Due to the fact that the interface was a simple menu Studio may to understand even for the newbie. But this does not mean that prog is characterized by the minimum features. In FL Studio you can meet a huge number of different plugins and effects, which have a thousand presets.

Also this program is needed for those who want to have everything at once. According to the developers, their creation represents the shortest path between the imagination and the finished composition. They also claim that the use of all the available effects is as is, for example, VST, ASIO and ReWire, and also has an extremely weak effect on the load on your computer. This audio editor has many dozens of samples for beginners. And for those who already has experience with recording or mastering music, you need to pay attention to the mixing console, which enables quick access to all VST-plugins or, for example, built-in effects.

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