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On how much money it is possible to import goods into the country?

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Many Ukrainians still don't know how many products they can enter into their country from abroad. This information is very important, because very often you have bought their relatives or friends a lot the gift and left so that you don't want to miss a lady with these things. To avoid such situations arising again, I suggest you thoroughly get acquainted with all the rules of the customs code and then your trip to end as well. You can also use directly the right things.

note To tourists!

Customs code, which entered into force on June 1, stipulates: the amount you can import goods from abroad without paying taxes, of course, it depends on the type of transport. If the aircraft can be hand Luggage or Luggage for 1000 Euro and weighing about 50 kilograms. If sea transport, by bus or by car - 500 Euro. If a person imports goods for a larger amount than permitted, you will have to pay a fee. In this case, all the tax rate should decrease from 20% to 10%. That is, if a certain product is  imported machine not 500, but 600 euros, for exceeding the standards of the customs importation will have to pay about 10 euros.

Personal items

Customs code also determines that it is now among the personal belongings you may bring on two mobile phones, computers and watches, before just one. In addition, for all foreign motorists has increased the term of stay in Ukraine without a specific resolution from your transportation to the year-earlier six months.

 Without the written Declaration permitted the importation of goods into any territory of Ukraine in the amount of about 10,000 euros. If the cost is more - the goods are subject to the usual customs Declaration, apply the full rate of duty.


so today you learned how much you can transport goods from abroad. To ensure that all went well-don't forget to watch the changes to the customs code. Good luck with your travels!


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